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Mickey the pit bull skirts death after mauling 4-year-old: Gets life sentence

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Mickey the pit bull was spared a death sentence by a judge, who ordered the dog defanged, neutered and to have a microchip planted. Mickey mauled a four-year-old boy last month and this has caused a major controversy over the fate of the dog, according to USA Today on March 25.

Since the story of Mickey mauling little Kevin Vicente went viral, two camps have emerged with strong opinions on what should happen to Mickey. Supporters in favor of keeping Mickey alive showed up at the hearing wearing T-shirts saying “Save Mickey." Others wanted Mickey put down after this mauling and the previous killing of another dog.

Kevin was in the care of a babysitter when Mickey mauled him. The dog was tied out on an 18-foot chain in the common area of a Phoenix apartment building. Kevin came within that 18-foot radius and Mickey attacked him from behind.

A man tried to get Mickey off of Kevin, but he kept on attacking. This isn’t the first time that Mickey has drawn blood. He killed a German shepherd puppy that crossed into the pit bulls 18-foot radius, several months back.

Along with the judges defanging and neutering orders, Mickey will live out his years in an animal rehabilitation center, never to be adopted or fostered out.

Kevin suffered a broken eye socket and broken jaw from this mauling and he is looking at months, maybe even years of reconstructive surgery. The judge could have ordered the dog be put down, as all the experts in this case agreed that the dog was dangerous to people, according to CBS News.

Instead Judge Deborah Griffin took the recommendation of an animal behaviorist who said that Mickey showed signs of being abused and would like him to spend the rest of his life in an animal rehabilitation center in New Mexico. The facility specializes in chained dogs.

That is the fate of Mickey the pit bull. He will be altered, have teeth pulled and spend a life sentence in a specialized unit for dogs coming out of similar situations.



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