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Mickey's Surfs Up Breakfast

hang loose!
hang loose!
Lindsay Ahart

Surf's up with Mickey and friends is an amazing breakfast experience for a young
child as well as an adult. This breakfast with Mickey and his good friends from the
clubhouse iss located in the Paradise pier Hotel right across from Disneyland in
California. Having a couple of children and knowing the price of Disneyland, for a family of four can easily be $500 for day. If you are in Southern California and looking for your young children to just have a meet greet with the characters and not have to wait in, line this is a great alternative. Not only is there delicious food for breakfast and brunch, but the characters come around to visit you at the table and there are plenty of dance parties during the time that you are there. The prices are also very affordable, it is roughly $30 for an adult and 15 for children and of course children under 2 is free. Basically for a party of four can equal one ticket price to get in to the Disneyland theme park. So if you have a four-year-old that is in love with Minnie Mouse, the way mine is, this a great alternative because that is all shecares about when going to Disneyland. The characters spend plenty of quality time with everyone in the restaurant and it is not overly crowded. There is lotsof fun surf and dance music for everyone to get involved with and dance to. The restaurant itself is decorated with a beach and surfing theme that is straight out of Southern California and gives you a wonderful sunny Californian feel. If I was going out to a brunch with friends it would have cost me just as much if not more to go to a trendy restaurant. This place has amazing food, anything you want to order for breakfast or brunch type of food, and it is a buffet so there are plenty of options. Surf's up with Mickey and friends is definitely worth checking out if you are into the whole Disney thing and have younger children that don't necessarily care about going on rides. It is a fun and great experience for the whole family!! For more visit