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Mickey Rooney leaves his estate, worth only $18K, to his stepson caretaker

Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney
New York Daily News

Mickey Rooney’s will was announced on Tuesday by his attorney, Michael Augustine, and quite surprisingly, Rooney’s estate was only worth $18,000, according to a Yahoo! News report on Tuesday.

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Rooney passed away on Sunday, just a couple of weeks after he signed the last version of his will - though there is no correlation between the timing of his signed-will and his death. He was believed to have been in good health and was prepared to continue his motion picture career. Rooney left what he had to a stepson who was his caretaker.

Recently, Rooney was said to have been in good spirits after having filmed a scene for a “Night at the Museum” feature. He was required to have a physical before that job, and he was given a good report. His death was reported as a result of natural causes even though he had complications related to diabetes.

Attorney Augustine was assigned the executor of Rooney’s estate by Rooney because he didn’t want any of his relatives involved with his final affairs.

Surprisingly, the actor whose career spanned over 8 decades left only a small amount, having lost most of his prior money due to elder abuse and alleged mismanagement of his money by another stepson. Even though there was an agreement for millions of dollars to be given back to Rooney – or Rooney’s estate – it is extremely doubtful that the money will ever be collected.

Rooney took his eight surviving children and his estranged wife out of his will. Yet, Jan Rooney will get his Social Security benefits and a portion of his pension earnings via an earlier agreement. The attorney for Rooney said that Rooney believed his estranged wife would have enough with the social security and the pension earnings. He wanted his stepson Mark Rooney to have anything that he had left.

The family is not agreeing on where Rooney should be buried. The attorney says that Rooney purchased a burial plot in Westlake Village which is northwest of Los Angeles, but Rooney had said in the recent past that he wanted to be buried in Hollywood or a veteran’s cemetery. However, Rooney didn’t have the money needed to buy the plots he preferred.

Rooney’s body has not been moved from a mortuary yet. On Friday, a court hearing will determine where he will be buried. The family would like to have a small private service but is receptive to a larger celebration of Rooney’s life and film career if motion picture companies will initiate the project.

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