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Mick Jagger promotes 'Get on Up' in New York, including Apollo Theater premiere

Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger has been on the publicity rounds for the James Brown biopic "Get on Up." Jagger is one of the producers of the movie, and he has often named Brown as one of his biggest musical influences. On July 21, 2014, Jagger attended the New York City premiere of "Get on Up" at the Apollo Theater, where Jagger first saw Brown perform back in 1964. Brown died on Dec. 25, 2006, at the age of 73.

Mick Jagger at the New York City premiere of "Get on Up" on July 21, 2014
Mick Jagger at the New York City premiere of "Get on Up" on July 21, 2014
Getty Images
Mick Jagger at the New York City premiere of "Get on Up" on July 21, 2014
Getty Images

Chadwick Boseman plays Brown in "Get On Up," which also stars Viola Davis, Nelsan Ellis, Octavia Spencer, Tika Sumpter, Dan Aykroyd, Jill Scott and Craig Robinson. Nick Eversman plays a young Jagger in the movie. Universal Pictures' "Get on Up" arrives in U.S. and Canadian cinemas on Aug. 1, 2014.

Tate Taylor (who directed 2011's "The Help") directed "Get on Up." Taylor, Victoria Pearman (Jagger's partner at Jagged Films), Brian Grazer and Erica Huggins are the other producers of the movie. The "Get on Up" screenplay was written by brothers Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth.

Several of the stars and filmmakers of "Get on Up" attended the movie's New York City premiere. Also attending the event were Tomi Rae Brown (Brown's widow), James Brown Jr. (Brown's youngest child), political activist Al Sharpton, U.S. Congressman Charlie Rangel, lifestyle mogul Martha Stewart, Lucas Jagger (Mick's youngest child) and Lucas' mother, Luciana Gimenez Morad.

On July 17, 2014, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hosted a special screening of "Get on Up" at Lighthouse International's Academy Theater in New York City. The screening (which was held for Academy members) was followed by a Q&A with Jagger, Boseman, Grazer, Taylor, Spencer, Pearman, Aykroyd and Ellis.

Most of the media interviews with Jagger for "Get on Up" have not revealed anything new, since the interviewers ask the same questions over and over. Many Rolling Stones fans already know how much Brown influenced Jagger and any experiences that Jagger had in interacting with Brown. Probably the best behind-the-scenes report and Jagger interview for "Get on Up" was from The Hollywood Reporter, which featured Jagger on the cover of its issue dated Jan. 31, 2014.

Reporters, for the most part, have avoided asking Jagger how he's been coping with the death of L'Wren Scott, his longtime girlfriend who committed suicide in March 2014. However, Jagger did comment to NBC's "Today" in an interview that aired in July 2014: “I’m doing OK. It’s difficult. Very hard year, but I got back into it by working on touring with the Stones in Europe and doing other things, including doing this great movie.”

The Rolling Stones are on a break from their "14 on Fire" world tour, which resumes on Oct. 25, 2014, in Adelaide, Australia.

"Get on Up" is one of several projects produced by Jagger. As previously reported, Jagger is also producing the following projects:

The movie "Last Train to Memphis," a biopic of Elvis Presley. The film's cast and release date are to be announced.

A TV series for HBO (title and premiere date to be announced) about the music business in the 1970s. Emmy-winning actor Bobby Cannavale has been mentioned (but not officially announced) as the star of the show, which is also being executive produced by Martin Scorsese.

A scripted drama series and a Broadway musical based on "20 Feet From Stardom," the 2013 Oscar-winning documentary about backup singers who work for superstars. Jagger did not produce "20 Feet From Stardom," but he is one of the people interviewed in the documentary, which also features Rolling Stones backup singers Lisa Fischer (who has worked with the Rolling Stones since 1989) and Merry Clayton, who famously did backup vocals for the Rolling Stones classic song "Gimme Shelter."

In addition, Jagger is returning to acting in films, with roles in the movies "Fresh Tears" (which is also set in the music industry) and the family drama "Tiny Problems of White People." The release dates for these movies are to be announced. Jagger's previous movie role as an actor was as the owner of a male escort service in the 2001 drama "The Man From Elysian Fields." In 2012, Jagger hosted and performed on "Saturday Night Live."

Aug. 4, 2014 update: "Get on Up" debuted at No. 3 at the U.S./Canadian box office, with $14 million in ticket sales, according to Rentrak. While the movie didn't completely flop in its opening weekend, the movie isn't a hit either. "Get on Up" has gotten mostly positive reviews from movie critics, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

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