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Mick Jagger finds little 'Satisfaction' in just music

According to a recent profile piece in the Hollywood Reporter, Mick Jagger, best known as the lead singer for the Brit band The Rolling Stones, has a lot of entertainment irons in the fire including running a film production company. Naturally, his acting aspirations may be old news. He has been onscreen many times including the 1970s flick Ned Kelly and the 1992 Freejack film.

Mick Jagger
Courtesy of TOO

What many are unaware of is his work behind the camera with his company Jagged Films. One of his most noteworthy endeavors is Get on Up. This is a biographical pic about James Brown with Chadwick Boseman (42) portraying the Godfather of Soul. Jagger may just pull off something that Spike Lee and other filmmakers were unable to do. Get on Up will be directed by Tate Taylor and is currently in production. The cast includes Boseman, Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis, Dan Aykrod and Tika Sumpter.

Famous director Martin Scorsese, who directed the documentary Shine a Light and has included The Rolling Stones' music in many of his motion pictures is not surprised by Jagger's abilities. He said: “Mick is absolutely alone in a very important sense — he’s a consummate artist, performer and businessman."

He added: "I have a feeling that nothing escapes his notice. No detail is too small. So, here’s a guy who has been at the center of the music industry for many years, on multiple levels, and he has what appears to be a perfect memory as well as a rich sense of character and of drama, of cinema. . . . Who could be a better artistic collaborator?”

While Jagger denies being interested solely in music-related films, he is also working on another rock-related biographical film. This one is tentatively titled Last Train to Memphis, It' a movie about Elvis Presley and will be directed by Kevin Macdonald (‘The Last King of Scotland’). It will also feature musical direction from T Bone Burnett.

When questioned about this musical multi-tasking Jagger told the press: “I’ve been doing it for quite a long time, you know." There is, however, one area in which he surprisingly holds little current interest: “I think the rock ‘n’ roll memoir is a glutted market."

Regarding his own story he commented: "I’d rather be doing something new. I’d rather be making new films, making new music, be touring. If someone wants to know what I did in 1965, they can look it up on Wikipedia without even spending any money.” Apparently, for Mick Jagger "It's (not) All Over Now."

My name is Phoenix and . . . that's the bottom line.

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