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Michigan woman bites boyfriend's ear in domestic dispute

A Michigan woman took fight tips from Mike Tyson over the weekend when she bit off a chunk of her boyfriend's ear during a domestic dispute. According to the New York Daily News on March 10, 31-year old Danielle Nebelung was arrested early Saturday after a fight with her boyfriend turned brutal.

The former couple tell different stories about how the ear biting occurred. The (ex) boyfriend Anthony Caruso contends that the couple had been arguing and he was trying to leave until they both cooled off. That's when he said she jumped on his back and bit off a chunk of his ear. Nebelung says she bit Caruso in self defense because he was trying to sexually assault her.

Caruso's ear has been reattached and is expected to heal. Nebelung has been charged with aggravated assault for the ear biting. She is being held in lieu of $10,000 bail and if convicted Nebelung could serve as many as 10 years in prison.

Danielle Nebelung's next court date is March 17. Don't expect to see Nebelung and Caruso to get back together either. Caruso is working with Macomb Township police in hopes that Nebelung will be given a longer prison sentence for disfiguring his ear.

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