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Michigan voters face two statewide proposals

Every vote counts.  Your voice and vote can never be underestimated.  Let's get out there and VOTE!
Every vote counts. Your voice and vote can never be underestimated. Let's get out there and VOTE!
Randy Jenkins

On November 2, 2010 is election day.  Throughout Michigan, voters will have an opportunity to show their support for the candidate of their choice for varying positions such as governor, attorney general, secretary of state, congressional positions, legislative positions, state boards, county positions, judiciary positions, local school district boards, university  & community college boards, mileages, two statewide proposals, etc. 

Surprisingly, the two statewide proposals have received little highlighting as important as they are. The two statewide proposals are: Proposal 10-1 and 10-2. A summary of the statewide proposals mentioned are the following:

Proposal 10-1

A proposal to convene a constitutional convention for the purpose of drafting a general revision of the State Constitution.

Shall a convention of elected delegates be convened in 2011 to draft a general revision of the State Constitution for presentation to the state's voters for their approval or rejection?  YES or NO

Proposal 10-2

A proposal to amend the State Constitution to prohibit certain felons from holding elective office and specified types of public employment positions.

The proposed constitutional amendment would:

Make a person ineligible for election or appointment to any state or local elective office or to hold a position in public employment in this state that is policy-making or has discretionary authority over public assets, if:

-within the preceeding 20 years the person was convicted of a felony involving dishonesty, deceit, fraud, or a breach of the public trust, and

-the conviction was related to the person's official capacity while holding and elective office or position of employment in local, state, or federal government.

Require the State Legislature to enact laws to implement the prohibition.

Should this proposal be adopted?  YES or NO

Simply put, Proposal 10-1 is to authorize a constitutional convention starting in 2011 to write a revised State Constitution, which would them be put to the voters for approval. While Proposal 10-2 is to ban from elected and appointed positions at every level of state and local government for 20 years anyone convicted of a felony involving a breach of the public trust.

Before submitting you ballot, be sure to vote in the partisan section, the nonpartisan section, and proposal section of your ballot.  Look on the front and back side of your ballot.

See you at the polls.  The polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. 

For a look your ballot that you will see at your polling location, please visit .


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Thanks for the heads-up RJ.

  • Ken Chaney 4 years ago

    With this being a statewide proposal with such importance attached to it, I'm surprised that special interest did't put alot of money behind it. It seems as though special interest put all of its money on negative ads.

  • Tasia 4 years ago

    Great article Randy, I'm at school in the library and they said I can go on so I thought i would read one of your articles.

    Love Tasia :)

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