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Michigan Trufolk Ostara Celebration March 22nd

Hail and Bright Blessings.

Michigan Trufolk Ostara-slide0
By Achird (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Michigan Trufolk will be holding an Ostara Celebration, with Wildcrafters Den as host, on Saturday March 22nd. Located at 1431 Mitson BLvd. in Flint Township, this will be a great way to both celebrate the new Life in the world as well as the new store in our midst. The event lasts from 12:00 noon until 8:00pm, and is already causing a stir.

The schedule of events at the time of this article are as follows, but are subject to change.

  • 1pm: Discussion of historical texts on Ostara
  • 2pm: Egg Games
  • 4pm: Blot to Ostara and the Smashing of Old Man Winter
  • 5pm: Feast

There shall be games, good times, fellowship, and "munchies". This is a good time to bring out those stories and let the Bards among you wax long and well.

It is also a good idea to bring a side item or a drink to share as a courtesy. It is also good form to R.S.V.P. on the event page on Facebook.

It is important to also note, that though this is an Ostara celebration, this is not to be assumed to be a Wiccan style celebration. The festivities are based in Asatru, and so while some things may be similar, there are differences that are both important and solid. A good summation of the difference in view is on their site, which states:

"Ásatrúar consider their faith akin to other authentic non-Christian beliefs like those of the Hindus and Native Americans and not New Age eclecticism like Wicca"

It is requested that attendees please bring feast gear, chairs, and their own liquid refreshments. Remember to imbibe responsibly. The Norns need not sharpen their shears too early if care is taken when drinking.

Want to learn more about Michigan Trufolk? Visit their site at They may be holding a Blót & Sumble soon near you.


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