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Michigan Tourism Slogan causes tattoo increase

The tourism slogan for Michigan
The tourism slogan for Michigan

Many people take pride in their home state. As a Kentucky native, I have seen my fair share of state logos, support for local sports teams (University of Kentucky and University of Louisville, for instance), and other state related tattoos with state symbols and mottoes. But Kentucky is not the only state whose residents show their pride with ink. A recent article shows that residents of the state of Michigan are also showing their state pride.

Michigan's state tourism slogan is "Pure Michigan". It has been branded on state merchandise and license plates. Now it has become somewhat of a fad with state residents to get the slogan tattooed on their bodies. The logo contains a blue "M" which represents the state's tourism board (the state business brand uses green). Many people also incorporate the shape of the state into their artwork as well.

While state themed tattoos are nothing new, there has been a bit of an upsurge in the state of Michigan. These residents have discovered an interesting way to show pride in their state, and maybe intrigue others to visit their state.