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Michigan taking a look at Article V Convention to improve US Constitution

There is a lot of talk in Michigan about an Article V Convention of States, and rightly so. The Founders knew the federal government would always tend to micro-manage the lives of each citizen. They knew Washington would need to evolve with the nation in order to protect individuals from federal meddling.

For this reason, they provided two ways for America to improve our Constitution: (1) the politicians in Congress can make changes; and (2) the States can make changes.

Our situation

Unfortunately, instead of improving the Constitution, the Supreme Court, has decided to give parts of the Constitution meanings they wish it had. Similarly, Congress and recent Presidents have ignored the parts they do not like.

The first solution

After the Civil War, when many states were violating the civil rights of African Americans, the federal government amended the Constitution several times. So it was (1) the Congress that acted to keep the Constitution up to date with the needs of American society. The states never would have done so.

The second solution

Now, we see the opposite problem; Washington has the obsessive compulsive disorder of micro-managing Americans’ lives. It is Washington that is forcing America into bankruptcy not the states.

It’s safe to assume that bossy bureaucrats will continue being bossy, and pushy politicians will continue being pushy. This is exactly why there are two ways to improve our Constitution. The second way is the solution when Washington stubbornly ignores what the people want them to do.

Recent Congressional approval ratings are around 9%; clearly Congress is not doing what the voters want. It is time that the people of Michigan act on their opinion of Congress. It is time to activate (2) the States to improve our Constitution. It is time that Washington be brought more in line with a civil society - where individuals have more say over their own lives.

A solution that fits our situation

There is an organization that believes in those same virtues. Citizens for Self-Governance is a national organization that has started a project to improve the federal government. The Convention of States Project has formed state leadership teams to energize citizens at the state level, and Michigan has a leadership team in place to spearhead this movement. To help ensure that Washington will give Americans more say in their own lives, visit and

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