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Michigan SUV crash kills 4 instantly, injures 5: All on their way to work

Michigan SUV crash takes the life of 4 women and injures 5 others on Friday morning.
Michigan SUV crash takes the life of 4 women and injures 5 others on Friday morning.
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A Michigan SUV crash on Friday took the life of four people and left five with injuries in this early morning collision between two vehicles. The morning started off most like any other morning with the passengers in both vehicles headed to work, but it took a tragic turn for these nine people. The SUV carrying six women collided with a pickup truck carrying three men, according to 14U News on Feb. 1.

The horrific scene of twisted metal across an icy and snowy road was one of many accidents from the latest bout of winter storms to roll across the country this week. According to Sheriff Dean Roeslerk, the road had some icy spots and the SUV could have hit one, causing the driver to lose control.

Four women died instantly upon impact in this accident. They were identified as Angelica Magana-Ceja (45), Erika Ceja (35), Teresa Alvarez (35), and Jessica Magana (23). Perla Magana, the 26-year-old driver of the SUV and another passenger Leticia Ceja, 39, were rushed to a hospital and reported in stable condition today.

The three men in the pickup truck, who are painters, were treated at the hospital for minor injuries. They are identified as Ross Sterk (35), Eric Werkema (31), Jose Hernandez (28).

The SUV was traveling towards Kent, where the women were going to work, when it slid into the pickup truck. Sheriff Roesler said:

"There are some slippery spots. The scene of the crash is icy but there's also been a lot of traffic that's been through that as well that may have created some of it."

It took police just minutes to respond to the accident in the early hours of Friday morning.

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