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Michigan SUV crash: Car slams into house, 4 deaths as a result of icy weather

A car crashes into a local house in Michiga
A car crashes into a local house in Michiga
Twitter Photo File, The Inquisitr

A Michigan SUV crash resulted in 4 deaths this week, including a second accident involving a car slamming into a house and causing considerable damage to the local residence. Early reports from police on the accidents suggest that the icy weather is likely to blame. With such extreme winter conditions still leaving a number of Northern and Midwestern roads highly treacherous, the Washington Post shares this Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, that this initial crash — which also left five others injured — is likely not the last tragic incident that will befall people who brave the storms. The Inquisitr also adds that the second accident was caused by an elderly man who was unable to stop at a red light and slid into the corner of someone's house.

The Michigan SUV crash occurred Friday evening on a slippery roadway roughly 20 miles north of Grand Rapids. Six women within the large sport-utility vehicle were on their way to Kent County together when the female driver suddenly lost control of the vehicle, spinning off their path and into the way of a large pickup truck. Three men were inside the pickup truck at the time, and served as paint contractors while on their way home from work.

Sadly, the impact was said by witnesses to be “loud, devastating, and instantaneous.” An off-duty Grand Rapids law enforcement officer and a nurse were fortunately not far from the accident site, and were said to rush to the scene of the incident in order to help the injured as best they could before emergency medical teams could arrive.

According to the press release, two of the women in the Michigan SUV crash were seriously injured but are now confirmed to be in stable condition. The three men in the pickup also survived, and were said to have only suffered a few minor injuries. The 4 other women in the sport-utility vehicle, unfortunately, were killed in the sudden car accident.

A local Sheriff said that the icy roads and poor driving conditions likely caused the fatal crash:

“There are some slippery spots. The scene of the crash is icy but there’s also been a lot of traffic that’s been through that as well that may have created some of it.”

Another Michigan SUV crash was said to have occurred today as well, leaving a man plowing through a fence and slamming his vehicle into a local residence.

“It’s possible that the ice and snow may have contributed to another incident that also happened today. A 74-year-old man failed to slow for a stop sign and he lost control while going through the intersection. Police say the 2012 Toyota Highlander skidded off the road and plowed right into the corner of a house, becoming stuck under all the debris. The good news is that this SUV crash did not result in any deaths or injuries, although the elderly man was issued a ticket.”

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