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Michigan SUV crash: 4 die in SUV, 5 others injured in crash

A Michigan SUV crash left four people dead and injured several others. On Jan. 31, The Inquisitr reported that four females were killed when the SUV they were riding in hit some ice and spun out -- right in the path of another vehicle carrying three more people. At this point police believe that slippery road conditions are to blame for the tragic accident.

"Six women were in the sport-utility vehicle traveling to work in Kent County and they apparently spun into the path of a pickup truck carrying three men who are paint contractors," reports The Inquisitr.

The Michigan SUV crash left everyone involved with injuries of some kind. The three men in the pickup truck were treated for minor injuries and it is believed that they are no longer in the hospital. The female driver of the SUV and another female passenger were the only two to survive out of the six in the vehicle at the time of the crsash. They were both listed in stable condition. Their four female friends all died in the accident.

Frigid temps mixed with precipitation is just a bad combination for this time of year. No matter how good of a driver you might be, your car can't hold up on ice. Driving slow is always advised but learning how to maneuver your vehicle when you hit an ice patch could prevent a future accident. Read these safety tips or watch the video above for more.

This Michigan SUV crash wasn't the only one of it's kind either. There have been numerous accidents this week in all parts of the country experiencing below average temps and icy roads.

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