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Michigan Sports Hall of Fame, calling Detroit home for years to come

Michigan Sports Hall of Fame 58th class
Michigan Sports Hall of Fame 58th class

It was an eclectic night of legendary history swarming the crowd. Amid the sea of reporters, lights, and the public, stood the men belonging to the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame 58th Induction Class. They took pictures, signed autographs, and shared stories from their glory days. On February 28th, at the historic Max M. Fisher Music Center in Detroit, Jim Brandstatter, Dorne Dibble, Jason Hanson, Alexi Lalas, Nick Lidstrom, Tom Mach, and John Smoltz became a part of Michigan's rich sports history.

It's hard not to think about the lives of the men who graced the stage at the Max M. Fisher Music Center on this night. What were they thinking? What were they going to say? How did they feel? All valid questions as anyone would wonder if such talented and gifted athletes made this a goal of theirs while in their rookie years. Perhaps it was, but what is most undeniable is that their focus was on their game, on their results, and on their lives.

Niklas Lidstrom aka "the perfect human," for example, kept a consistent schedule every day to prepare himself for games. What he ate, his workouts, his habits, worked together to build a foundation that he would use to excel. Nick and the others were not only inducted because they're great athletes, but because they're examples of how anyone can take their life, work hard, and succeed. Examples of how important it is to have a great team, a great support system to help you along the way.

After listening to the greats speak and thank various people in their lives, each expressed their love for the city of Detroit. No matter what it's been through, no matter what the mainstream media has said about it, Detroit is their home and they take pride in that. And no one agrees more than Mayor Mike Duggan. The Mayor took part in the festivities and gave an inspiring speech about sports and the future of the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame. Just like the legends inducted on that cool, February night, the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame will call Detroit home for years and years to come. And we can all take pride in that.