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Michigan officer pulls over driver for traffic stop, saves a woman's life

Getting pulled over by a police officer for some kind of traffic violation is not something that anyone expects to be a life-saving moment of the day. Well, one woman in Michigan thinks it to be just that. FOX 17 Online reported on Aug. 12, 2014, that a cop was pulling over a woman for a reported traffic violation, but he ended up saving her life since she was choking and couldn't breathe.

This cop was going to give a ticket, but saved a life.
Fox 17 Online

Public Safety Officer Jason Gates of Kalamazoo, Michigan, is being seen as a hero after his quick actions indeed saved the life of a female citizen.

Early on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014, Gates pulled over a woman in a minivan due to a red light violation. He had no idea what was going to happen in the next few minutes, but he states it was unlike anything he's ever come across before.

Fox 8 reports that Gates got up to the vehicle and the woman was acting strangely. He actually believed that she was attempting to get herself out of a ticket. He quickly realized he was wrong.

The woman was actually in respiratory distress.

Gates' dashboard cam from his squad car caught the whole thing on video as it shows him asking the woman if she is alright, and tries hitting her on the back a few times. After that doesn't work, Gates is seen pulling the woman from the van and administering the Heimlich maneuver.

After about 10 seconds, the food (said to be a hot dog) was free from the woman's airway and she caught her breath. After about a minute or so, the woman just wrapped her arms around Gates and thanked him with a huge hug.

Officer Gates, a nine-year veteran, had never actually performed the Heimlich on anyone before, but is "just glad that I was there and it worked."

Even though the woman wasn't trying to get out of a ticket, she still did as Gates did not give her one.

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