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Michigan. New legislation signed into law, scrapping just got riskier

In Michigan, the Governor has signed into law, provisions that would make more than $25.00 in scrap metal, cause for your photograph to be taken and a 3 day wait on payment; which will be by check via the mail.

A picture of perfection, in a city in chaos

It's welcomed, but a little late! How many air conditioners, central air units, and houses have been part of the mass vanishing act, of scrap metal stolen for profit? Not to mention ...Industrial theft, rural farm losses, and dangerous utility vandalism! Catalytic converters...anyone? ...stolen by the dozens in mall and superstore parking lots.

If your planning on scrapping metals, plan on having your photograph taken, and possibly also the metals! and waiting 3 days while everything checks out, before getting your payment by mail in the form of a check.

Scrappers, (thieves), suck it up! This is years too late, but needed just the same.

Consider getting a job.....they are available!

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