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Michigan man guides people to Brazil to meet John of God

When all hope seems lost, turning toward non-traditional healing methods can be effective.
When all hope seems lost, turning toward non-traditional healing methods can be effective.
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Last month, a man by the name of David Griffin came through the Enlightened Healing Center in Orland Park, IL and spoke about his guided trips to see John of God. The world-renown healer and medium living in Brazil. And the man whose healing work swayed David to leave his corporate job in Michigan and become a servant, if you will, leading many interested parties to see and experience the Brazilian healing, first-hand. Many that night had heard of John of God prior to this lecture, but there were a few who had not.

So David went on to explain more about the origins of the man who heals so many from all over the world. And he explained that John of God became aware of his healing abilities at the age of 16, while swimming one afternoon in a lake in Brazil. Raised within a poor, Catholic family, he experienced a vision of a woman that day, who told him he would become a vessel for God, and heal many people throughout his lifetime. At which point he lost consciousness and when he awoke, was informed that he had healed 50 people from a small town near-by. So for over 40 years now, John of God has worked with millions of people from all different backgrounds and belief systems, to help them heal terminal diseases, illness and other conditions. And he does this all for free.

He works three days out of the week from the healing sanctuary he took residence in called “Casa de Dom Ignacio,” or “The House of St. Ignatius” just outside of Abadiania in Brazil. And he has stated time and time again that, “I do not heal, God is the one who heals.” During any given session with the healer and medium, benevolent spirits work through him to assist people on their healing journey. One in particular who comes through is St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Catholic saint that the sanctuary is named after. Though many other spiritual beings come through to work with John of God at any given time, most of them are reputable medical doctors and saints that have passed on.

As anticipated, many people question this man and his work, especially based on the name he is known by. But John of God always notates that he received his name by the very people who have experienced his healing work first-hand. Griffin even pointed out an appropriate quotation inscribed underneath one of the statues of St. Ignatius in the gardens at the Casa estate, as it relates to the type of work he is doing, “For those who believe, no words are necessary. For those who don’t believe, no words are possible.”

Numerous medical doctors and practitioners alike have traveled from all corners of the globe to witness John of God’s miraculous work. Not only does he apply energy healing to the people he sees, but he also performs surgeries where often there is little to no blood made by his incisions. And he works without using any of the medication typically given to patients who go under the knife at traditional hospitals. So you can imagine the interest such a feat might generate. In the end, many find themselves leaving Brazil believing that there is some type of divine work taking place at the Casa, based on their personal experiences.

Having guided many people to Brazil to see John of God, David has recently published new trip dates to his website for 2010. Many find his service to be very useful since some people require special assistance while traveling in debilitated physical states, while others simply look for reliable advice when traveling to a country they have never ventured to before. This is where Griffin’s service is key. He knows the best places to stay, where to dine and towns to sightsee while visiting this region in Brazil. And if you have ever traveled internationally, you can appreciate how vital this type of information can be. Griffin also offers plenty of testimonials on his site from others sharing about their experiences on his trips.

So if you know someone in your family or maybe a friend who is living with an incurable disease, and it might even be you, then look into David Griffin’s website. And learn about the healing work that John of God is capable of. A fascinating man offering his time to do some good work for all of humanity.

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