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Michigan looking into a future plan to charge drivers per mile

The Detroit Free Press released a report from the University of Michigan about a plan to raise monies for Michigan roads. If the suggestion becomes a Michigan law, other states could eventually follow. With states claiming they don’t have enough money for road repairs, experts are figuring out how to squeeze more money out of drivers.

Michigan drivers could be paying by the mileage in the near future.
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Typical measures may include pay toll booths, but a report from the Michigan Environmental Council by Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation (SMART) at the University of Michigan has developed a plan that would charge Michigan drivers per mile.

The report suggests charging drivers based on mileage, time of day, routes, and weight of their vehicles. Elizabeth Treutel, one of the authors of the plan, says this could be in place in five to ten years. She said Michigan could become a model for the program.

Currently, Texas, Minnesota, Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada and California are also looking into this. The plan is currently being used for trucks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Although some people are okay with the idea, others have privacy concerns. A pay-as-you-go mileage plan would undermine privacy by providing the government with where you are driving to and how many miles you are driving.

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