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Michigan legislature proving incompetence on item pricing, bridge cards

With a nearly four decades-old item pricing law making headlines, and now the incredulous reaction by our legislators regarding abuses of the welfare/bridge card system by college students (, it is small wonder Michigan remains annually near the bottom in employment. Personally knowing some of these public officials, most know little about integrity or running businesses competently, and even fewer legislators have the ability to make a proactive overhaul to programs and a government structure in Michigan that is crippling our chances of ever moving forward

These issues sound like the legislators and new governor are really taking strong steps to move Michigan forward. Instead, it is the typical reactive actions of a group that don’t really have answers to fix what really ails Michigan. Nearly seven weeks into the new legislature and governorship and these are the only headlines coming out of Lansing.

I had my budget ready in August of 2010 for implementation by January 1st. I didn’t get elected because I couldn’t buy the governor’s office like a rich Republican or Democrat. But at least I will stand for a budget and the changes I feel are necessary to move Michigan forward.

What we are seeing in Lansing is the two-year plan to get everyone re-elected in 2012. Every legislator wants to do as little as possible, walking the party line all the way, so that they are not endangered for their next political move. I hope the voters of Michigan will realize there are no leaders in the governor’s office or in the legislature. If there was any leadership, we would have a budget already in place and the last thing to be addressed are headline-makers like item pricing and bridge card abuses.

The legislature passed rules allowing item pricing and bridge cards. They screwed up in passing these issues without the proper firewalls to begin with. Now they will talk two years about petty issues while not attacking the Michigan budget with spending overhauls, starting with their own pockets.

Tom Neuenfeldt ran as an Independent for Michigan governor in 2010. His background and vision for Michigan can be found on


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