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Michigan legislature poised to vote on misleading wildlife management act

Once again, Michiganders are getting an alarming sense of the power special interest groups have in the state. After two petition drives and hundreds of thousands of signatures gathered to allow voters to decide how wildlife is managed, the legislature is poised to vote on the misnamed “Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.” If it becomes law, this act will allow a handful of bureaucrats, not one of whom is an actual scientist, to decide which animals can be hunted in the state. Sandhill cranes, wolves and other iconic Michigan species will be targeted as well.

The legislature essentially has three choices in regard to the Act. They can pass the Act as it is written by the hunting interests, they can author a new bill themselves or they could simply sit out the vote.

The original controversy surrounded wolves after false reports of wolf attacks on humans. In reality wolves are shy animals that avoid people whenever they can. This piece of legislation is nothing more than a blatant attempt by trophy hunters to set their sights on anything they choose and the voice of every other Michigander be damned! Beyond wolves, what the legislature chooses to do speaks volumes about their attitude toward your own voice in the state’s affairs. If they vote "yes," they will be silencing the voices of the hundreds of thousands of signers on two different ballot initiatives. Tell your legislator to vote “No” on the phony and misleading “Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.”

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