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Michigan Humane Society Valentine's Telethon

Michigan Humane Society Telethon
Michigan Humane Society Telethon
Michigan Humane Society

It is almost that time of year once again for the 14th annual Michigan Humane Society Valentine's Telethon.  It is said that the people of Detroit really rally together and produce heart-warming results when those are in need and this event, will hopefully be no exception.  All day on Thursday the 11th, February, 2010, the Michigan Humane Society will air during commercial breaks on WXYZ, Channel 7.  The Valentine's Telethon will begin at 6 am and run until 11 pm so there is no reason or excuse to miss this viewing.  Heartbreaking and heartwarming stories will be televised as well as featured animals in need of adoption. The telethon raises funds to care for animals that by no choice of their own find themselves homeless and in today's economy; the number of animals in need has continued to rise.

The Michigan Humane Society has three locations in Detroit, Rochester Hills and Westland and is one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the country.  This non-profit organization rescues and cares for over 100,000 animals per year.  They house, feed and give  medical attention to animals that are neglected, homeless and often abuse.  They rely on donations from the heart to continue doing what the animals need them to do.  A size of any donation is so incredibly appreciated and it feels good to give a gift that can make such a huge impact on a life.

You can wait until during the Michigan Human Society Valentine's Telethon to donate or donations can easily be made online starting now at the Michigan Humane Society website.  Every dollar will help care for an animal in need.  Upon visiting their website you also have the opportunity to send free Valentine's Day Ecards to anyone you choose with adorable animal photos.  This is also a perfect gift for any animal lover in your life since you can make a donation and send them a card that you changed an animal's life in their name. 

Be sure to bookmark my column and check back often.  I will be running a story after the event of the results of the Michigan Humane Society Valentine's Telethon