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Michigan Humane Society offers $2,500 reward for dog thrown in trash bin

Michigan Humane Society offers $2,500 reward
Michigan Humane Society offers $2,500 reward

A reward has been offered for information on the person responsible for trapping a dog inside a trashcan, Michigan Live reported March 14.

Edgar, a 4-year-old Maltese-mix, was found by a man walking his dog near Grand River and Warwick after he heard the dog whimpering near a Detroit alley March 9. This sweet dog was rescued by animal care workers after the Good Samaritan called the Michigan Humane Society of Detroit after finding Edgar trapped inside a trashcan.

Edgar had the handle of a bag wrapped around his neck and was covered in urine burns. MHS believes Edgar had been confined for a very long time at another location before being placed inside the can.

Edgar was rushed to MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care where he's being treated for multiple medical problems.

MHS believes Edgar will recover from his physical injuries, but it will take time and a lot of medical treatment. His emotional wounds may not heal as easily.

A donation to the MHS will help not only Edgar, but other dogs in need. Please click here to visit their website, where a donation link is provided.

There's currently a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for such horrific abuse.

The Michigan Humane Society Cruelty Hotline is waiting for a call for anyone who has information on the case. Their number is 313-872-3401.

Please share this article with friends in the Detroit, Michigan area. Whoever did this has most likely bragged about this cowardly act to their friends. This person needs to be taken off the streets, because anyone who would do this to a dog wouldn't think twice about harming a person.

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