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Michigan Humane Society Investigators are Valentine’s Day heroes

Many dogs like this one need forever homes.
Many dogs like this one need forever homes.
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

This time of year is cruel to animals that are left outside in the frigid temperatures, but thanks to the team of the Michigan Humane Society Animal Cruelty Investigators, many are rescued from being neglected and unloved. WXYZ put up a short video on Feb. 12 as reporter Alicia Smith followed the team on a few calls of abused or abandoned pets.

The investigators rarely take a day off, even in bad weather conditions. This proves just how dedicated they are to saving lives of these abused animals. In the video, they are seen carrying a cold, wet and hungry pit bull out of the freezing snow. The pooch is found right outside of the owner’s window shivering in the cold. It was obvious that the owner was not interesting in taking proper care of the dog. The poor baby looked quite willing to get out of the cruel conditions of the Michigan winter weather and into a warm place for food and shelter.

The pit bull, and a beautiful grey kitty that was also picked up, were both taken away and given plenty of food to eat and a thorough checkup, along with vaccinations. They are given a grace period to find their owners but if they are not claimed, they will both be put up for adoption and hopefully will be able to find a loving home.

This is the work that the team at the Michigan Humane Society does each and every day. So far this year, they have responded to 200 complaints on many animals that are abandoned, abused, and not being loved like they deserve to be.

The Michigan Humane Society is having their telethon today, Feb. 13, to raise money to help the animals at the shelter. If you would like to make a Valentine’s Day donation, call (855) 647-4483 or make an online donation on their website.

This would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for the animal lover in your life. Of course, you can always head on over to the shelter to adopt a very special pet that can be your own special Valentine.

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