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Michigan GOP has no platform

      After seeing yet another tax increase passed along to Michiganders via an increase in vehicle registrations, it has never been more obvious that the Michigan GOP has no true conservatives ( It is amazing in a state that is begging for a true financial leader who is willing to restructure how the state of Michigan is run, the GOP talks a good game but again fails to deliver.
     What I did in my first sixty days of office was present an actual plan outlining how we could reduce taxes while reducing expenses at a greater rate, which, as history shows time and again, is the only way to truly corral spending and increase the tax revenues because of an actual plan that business owners and citizens alike can see and contribute to its success. Does that happen anywhere in this country today, especially here in Michigan? Not a chance.

     Please don’t be fooled in 2010 or 2012. ANY current or former politician should be voted out of office and replaced by YOU since all of you seem to be as frustrated as I am. Until we get people of integrity and vision like me in office, even if we are unpopular to government employees, Michigan will continue to flounder. We can turn Michigan around quickly. Sadly, no GOP members have enough intelligence or integrity to do what is necessary to grow our state. And even more sadly, YOU will probably re-elect the same politicians and their friends to keep us in our current death spin.

     Make a difference and 2010 and 2012 and vote everyone out. Or don’t complain…