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Michigan DHS gives 'brownie points' to workers for denying benefits to whites

In keeping with his devotion to the "Holy Quran," (1) our Muslim president has done his part to diminish the Christian ("infidel") population in foreign lands through his well-documented support of, and familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. (2)

Bob Powell is one of many victims of Obamacare death panels. Photo:
Bob Powell is one of many victims of Obamacare death panels. Photo:
Bob Powell is one of many victims of Obamacare death panels. Photo:

Now in his second term, Obama's cocky, Islamic loyalties have surfaced like a roaring lion. Part B of his plan—the destruction of America and obliteration of all non-Muslims—is a tad trickier, however, for he finds himself up against armed patriots who are willing to die for their country.

Working in his favor, are just enough brain-dead liberals and cowardly politicians who allow him to continue his treasonous acts and further Plan B at a rapid pace.

Obama knows that he could never realize his fantasy of crucifying Christians on the White House lawn like his BFF, Muhammad Morsi. (3) Instead—for now—he must resort to more subtle means of decreasing the population.

Enter Obamacare.

Liberals came out in droves to mock Sarah Palin when she exposed the "oh, by the way, we can decide if you live or die" section of the Affordable Care Act. (4) Yet these death panels (5) do exist; patient health care is arbitrarily denied, and people die.

The IRS targeting of conservative and Christian groups is a blatant reminder of just who our "Traitor in Chief" considers to be his friends, and who he does not. In addition, as we've all been warned, the Obama regime rewards its friends (6) and "punishes" its enemies.

The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) (7) was established under the guise of controlling Medicare spending. In fact, it is nothing more than yet another smoke and mirrors to hide its true function: to rid the planet of seniors and children who are not suitable servants for the elite.

Under Obamacare, the Secretary of Health and Human Services is a voting member of this board and its tentacles extend deeply into the day-to-day services of DHS branches.


Bob Powell, (8) an independent journalist from Alpena, MI, is one of many victims of the controlling scare tactics of the MDHS. Bob's wife, DeLynn, has been battling Stage IV colorectal and liver cancer for two years. Since he is also disabled, the Powells live a meager lifestyle and depend on well-deserved benefits to survive.

The day that DeLynn's oncologist told her to "get her affairs in order and make her peace with God," they were devastated. Never a quitter, she refused to accept the doctor's four-week termination date and, with Bob at her side, continued fighting for life.

But their fiercest battle has been with a far more formidable foe than Stage IV cancer: the State of Michigan bureaucracy. (9) When Powell reported the $200 income he'd earned from his radio show that month, the MDHS canceled all food stamps, Medicare insurance payments and their Medicaid—a total of $600 worth of disability benefits. When he complained to the MDHS, he was told the reason why.

And I was told, "All you gotta do is shut up, and you will get your Medicaid back, you'll get your food stamps back, you'll get your cash benefits back, you'll have your Medicaid premiums paid for."

Powell claims that the problems with their benefits started when his caseworker read his online blog. (10) "Apparently, she doesn't like what I have to write," Powell said.

So a $12-dollar-an-hour, high school graduate (maybe) has been given power over the Powells' lives. This is only the tip of the iceberg of what is on the horizon.

Beware if your caseworker is having a hormonal crisis that day, because she may have you swat-teamed.

The first time MDHS canceled DeLynn's Medicaid in March 2013, Powell went down to the office and demanded to speak with a supervisor, because DeLynn's worker had not returned his six phone calls over a three-month period.

"He never did come up with the balls to come out and talk to me, but her Medicaid was turned back on that very day," Powell said.

After three months without coverage, the Powells accumulated close to $60,000 worth of medical bills. The MDHS reimbursed them for most of the amount, but not all.

In the fall of 2013, Powell applied for Obamacare, hoping to get medical coverage for himself. During the reporting period, he claimed $300 in earnings for the month from his radio show. Once again, both his and DeLynn's benefits were cut off.

So I called my worker, again, and this time she actually answered the phone. I was understandably upset. Without Medicaid, my wife's gonna die. Well, she hung up on me.

I called back. I asked to speak with her supervisor. I told her supervisor everything that had been going on for the past year. I reminded the supervisor that the last time that my wife had been kicked off Medicaid, all he had to do was flip some kind of a switch and turn it back on.

That was last week; it was Friday of last week. I was expecting to hear something from him this week—not a word.

At the time of the broadcast, Powell still had not heard from MDHS.

So I have no idea where we are with that, other than we're one of the first victims of Obama's death panels.

Apparently my wife is a "useless eater," as am I. They don't want us to contribute to society. They don't want me to pay taxes; they want me to sit down and shut up. And they're using my wife's medical care to hold over my head to try and assure that.

A few months ago, the Powells received the news that DeLynn's chemotherapy stopped working. The cancer had spread and become more aggressive. She is dying.

Powell contacted the MI Choice Program, (11) hoping to get hospice care for DeLynn so that she could be kept comfortable in her final days. He received a letter, dated June 11, stating:

Although you requested an evaluation under the Michigan Medicaid Nursing Facility Level of Care Determination for MI Choice Program services, the Michigan Choice Program is currently at program capacity. Therefore, the Waiver agency cannot evaluate you for enrollment at this time.

During a December 6, 2013 broadcast of The Truth is Viral, Powell told his listeners of their plight. A vendor with 20 years' experience with the Michigan Department of Human Services called the show and told him what she knew.

The following is the interview (12) between Bob Powell (BP) and the MDHS whistleblower (WB):

WB: So I got there [at the MDHS office] and in the waiting room, a girl walks in with a bunch of little kids and I recognized her. I grew up with her older sister. So, when I was waiting for someone to call me into the back, I talked to her and she told me her husband walked out on her and left her with—I mean these kids were under five—and she had cancer. And she'd been waiting—I guess she had an appointment. She was waiting with all those kids to see a worker because her husband walked out on her when he found out that she had cancer.

Well anyway, I get to go back in there, finally, and these women are all sitting back in this break room drinking coffee while the entire waiting room is packed with people, and some of them waiting for hours.

WB: And I go back there and I said, "Well I don't want to take up a lot of your time because the waiting room is full."

They said they didn't care. They called them leaches, they called them losers, low life, you name it, they called them every rotten name you could think of, "and they can just wait if they want their free stuff."

I'm not kidding you.

I told them, I said, "Well I know a girl out there; I was just talking to her," and I told them that I grew up with her older sister, that I recognized her and she really needs help. They didn't care.

She can go get a job and she should have thought about that before she had all those kids.

I'm not kidding you.

So anyway, another friend of mine, she moved here from New York City to the Detroit area. Her parents had disowned her because she was a Jewish girl who was dating a non-Jewish boy. Her parents literally disowned her for it.

So she wound up moving to Michigan and I can't remember what area where the guy lived there, but anyway, she moved in with him and was with him for about a year and a half and got pregnant. Well, the minute he found out she was pregnant he threw her out, and she was really sick.

A lady she had met—I don't know how—an older woman took her in, took pity on her, and told her, "You need to go down and get food stamps and something to help you out. You need a medical card, too. "

And so she went—you know—so she was living with this lady, had the baby and I met her shortly after she had the baby and she had to go down to a welfare office and it was in a part of Detroit called Old Redford. She had a nine o'clock appointment and she got there when they opened the doors—I think it was at like 8:30—with a newborn.

And they made her wait all day long while they were running people in of a different color—I guess we'll put it that way—people without appointments that would stop in. And she sat by the front desk with the baby. And she was telling me she sat literally until almost 4:30. She ran out of diapers, ran out of formula, the baby was screaming and crying, she says, "I have no choice but to sit and wait it out."

And her worker just thought it was funny while these other girls are running in and out, coming in going, "Can I see my worker? I just need to talk to her for a minute," and boom! They went in the back, one after the other and come to find out the woman that was taking all the walk-ins was the woman that she had the appointment with.

I totally understand it; that they get sick and tire of these people abusing the system, but these two women were clearly not, and they didn't care. And their attitude was that they were taking the money out of those people's pockets.

It was really disgusting.

BP: You were telling me something about brownie points.

WB: Oh yes, well see, I'm getting to that. I found this lady, she worked in the basement of a church in Highland Park, MI, which is a pretty bad area, and the church gave her the basement to run a clinic—a legal clinic for women—single mothers on welfare that were constantly getting their food stamps shut off, their checks shut off, their medical cards shut off. And it was like this constant game that they were constantly getting something shut off.

And it was actually an African-American woman that told me this. She said, "There's a grievance slip you can get. They have to have it at every counter at every welfare office in Michigan.

"There's a number on there," she said. "You call this place called Westside Mothers. (13) Fill out the grievance, and come down and see them. You get down there and they help you fill out the grievance and they tell you how the welfare system works."

So I went down there to find out. Come to find out every time they shut off one of your benefits or deny you a benefit you applied for, they get a brownie point. And when it comes time for promotions the one with the most brownie points gets the promotion—or let's say the raise in pay—you know—also.

Well get this: if you file a grievance, they get a demerit if the grievance goes all the way through court—three demerits, they're fired.

They told me that if you ever have to fill out a grievance, your worker will literally call you up on the phone and promise you—and tell you all the things you're entitled to that you didn't even know you were entitled to, to help you get back on your feet quicker.

They will tell you, you don't qualify and every time they tell you, you don't qualify for something, they get a brownie point, when in fact, you do. You have to like fight for a lot of this stuff.

So sure enough, my friend filed a grievance and they told her she was entitled to daycare, she was entitled to a place of her own, furniture, appliances, the whole nine yards and that woman was going to help her get it. Her worker that left her sitting in that office waiting room with a newborn baby was going to get her all of it if she withdrew the grievance.

That lady lawyer was right. She said it's a game they play, and I asked her, "How did you get started doing this?"

She said, "I donate one day a week to this. My husband walked out on me many years ago and left me with five children, and I couldn't find him."

And she said she tried to get welfare and couldn't, and she was denied by the color of her skin—and she was a Jewish woman!

And she fought, and fought, and fought, and she said when she got through law school that's one thing she wanted to do was correct the system. So she donated one day a week to other women with children who were abandoned.

And that's what she did and she was going to educate them on what they're entitled to, to get back on their feet, get their health problems out and Medicaid.

They're not allowed to just shut your Medicaid off. They could actually—if you died they could go to jail for that.

BP: You were saying something about my wife being entitled to in-home health care and other things like that.

WB: Yes.

BP: What other stuff should we be knowing about?

WB: Under Medicaid and under Medicare, she's entitled to so many hours every week of skilled care. She's also entitled to have somebody come around and clean up for her. In other words, vacuum your house, dust your house, wash your floors, clean bathrooms. She's also entitled to the caregiver status she's entitled to so many hours a week—let's say if you were out working.

WB: Now in Washington DC, I found this out. They combined the welfare office with the Medicaid office, with the Medicare office. They're now one office; they're combining them. And this all goes in line with Obamacare.

Obamacare is a diversity program, okay? And all welfare workers, Medicare, social security workers have to —it's mandatory—take diversity training which is the white guilt training—to make it okay for them to beat you up and beat other white people up under the law, is basically what it amounts to.

And only minority status truly counts. This is just so creepy. Your wife is entitled to all these things under the law.

Under Obamacare, they can legally deny her. The minute you let your Medicaid go and apply for Obamacare is when they got you.

BP: Well I don't see how they can deny us because I made $6000 less this year than I did last year. That's a significant chunk of change. And last year we had Medicare. . .

WB: I don't know how big your radio operation is, but if it's something really small—like I think you said on one of your posts it's like a couple hundred dollars a month—I would put the darn corporation in your mom's name or somebody you could trust and work for her; just volunteer.

BP: Well I'm gonna have to do something; I'm definitely getting a lawyer, that's for sure.

WB: Listen, you know, it's sell your business to your mom and because of your medical —your own personal medical—volunteer when you can. You could pre-record your programs, and do whatever, and do it on a volunteer basis because you're really not making anything from it. On paper, it says you have money coming in and that's how they got you.

If you have any money coming in and it all goes right back out in bills, they don't care. They don't care if you're trying to better yourself—and especially now.

Obamacare and the diversity laws basically are putting the screws to white people almost to the point of—um—okay you can't physically whip and beat a white person but you can do a lot of other stuff to them which would be just about the same.

It's almost like an enslavement-type thing and if you get sick—God forbid if you get sick—if you ever get sick you are in big trouble.

BP: Yeah, I've noticed that.


WB: So I don't know what to say.

I don't know what's going on in this country right now but boy, oh boy, if you get sick, you cannot let the government know. That’s the thing. You can't let the government know you're sick.

I've seen the writing on the wall with this more than ten years ago. I got hurt and when I went to the doctor, they wanted to know if my grandparents ever had anything—anybody in my family ever had a stroke that led to death—whatever.

And I'm thinking "Wait a minute! This ain't right! What does this have to do with me?" I don't eat the same way they do; I'm not on the medicines they were on. How is this—you know—I couldn’t figure out why they were doing that and I would just put "no," "no," "no," on all of it. Because it didn't seem right.

Now we're finding out your family's pre-existing condition—that your family's conditions are your pre-existing conditions under Obamacare.