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Michigan beavers under attack from politicians

A bill sponsored by Michigan animal-hater, Senator Tom Casperson of the UP, would allow fur dealers to use cruel bone-crushing traps to capture beaver and rip off their fur. In case you have forgotten, Casperson is also responsible for the current anti-wildlife and anti-democratic policies in Michigan government that put a board of unelected officials in charge of managing the state’s wildlife. This board does not include a single biologist or any other accredited scientist of any kind, but it well represents the hunting interests of the state. Their main target is the gray wolf, but they certainly have other animals in their sights.

Casperson’s latest animal-murdering initiative, S.B. 759 now threatens beavers by allowing licensed fur dealers to trap them. Since the early 19th century, fur dealers have been prohibited by law from trapping the animal. But now, trappers who want to profit from their pastime of killing furbearing creatures are cheering on this new piece of legislation that has passed both houses and now sits on Governor Snyder’s desk awaiting his signature. The hunting hypocrites like to claim that beaver populations have become too large (though they can produce no numerical evidence to that effect) and that their dams could flood residential areas. It is clearly another attempt by Senator Casperson and his animal-hating cronies to make money off the suffering of another Michigan species.

In any case, most wildlife biologists acknowledge that hunting and trapping are an inefficient (and cruel) way to cut down the number of animals since they generally reproduce in accordance with availability of food and space. Trapping is simply a destruction of animals’ lives for profit. The non-profit organization Born Free allows you to submit a petition to Governor Snyder encouraging him not to sign S.B. 759. Find the petition here. You can help to put a leghold, steel-jawed trap on this newest outrage from Casperson and his greedy, animal-killing pals.

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