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Michigan and the 2010 Academy Awards

82nd Academy Awards Advertisement
82nd Academy Awards Advertisement
The Motion Picture Academy

At 8:30p.m. this evening, March 7, 2010, the 82nd Academy Awards began.  Not only is it a prestigious event celebrating the best in film, it also inevitably showcases both the best and worst dressed.

Twilight Saga Stars Appearance

Jacob Black, better known as Taylor Lautner in real life, will be presenting a collection of clips in a tribute to the horror movie genre with his plus one and fellow actor, Bella Swan, better known as Kristen Stewart.  Lautner, a native from Grand Rapids, Michigan, is quite fond of Dolce and Gabbana.  In fact, he is so fond of the designer that his entire ensemble from head to toe was made up of pieces from the D&G collection.  It isn't just for the Oscars either, because since he became chiseled for his role as Jacob Black for The Twilight Saga New Moon, he has been seen quite fashionably, both dressed up as well as down for a wide range of events.  Where he wears D&G is at black tie affairs.

Stewart herself seems to have finally decided upon a dress for the award show.  The dress of choice?  A long, navy blue, strapless number from designer, Monique Lhullier.  As Stewart has previously mentioned, she has difficulty picking out dresses, because she doesn't fancy dressing up.  However, at previous award shows, Stewart was found dressed in designers such as:  Yigal Azrouël (MTV VMAs 2009) and Burberry (BAFTA Awards 2010).  She may wear pieces from different designers, but typically they are in tones of blues, blacks, browns, golds, and grays.  Tonight wasn't much different.  She should be more adventurous like Bella in Twilight and experiment with things that catch her off guard or frighten her.

Designer Promotion at Award Shows

Clearly award shows are meaningful for many people.  The nominees seem most important as they are hoping to walk out with an award.  The production department does the work to televise the show.  The designers who dress the nominees are the people that seem least important.  However, award shows, such as the Oscars are great outlets for the designers to promote their collections. 

More specifically, at the Oscars, in relation to the actors mentioned above, D&G was promoted.  Because D&G is already a well known designer, Lautner takes part in increasing their audience and keeping their name in everyday fashion conversations.  However, in a case for designers such as Monique Lhullier, Stewart's representation at the Oscars will help as a jumping off point for the designer.  More people will then begin to know new designers and will also realize that other well known designers haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

More to Come...

Stay tuned for up-to-date fashion news from the red carpet and all over dos and don'ts post show.  Also we'll see trends of the night that may be big for spring from texture to color and accessories to hairstyles.


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