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Michelle Williams splits with Dustin Yellin after one year

Michelle Williams
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Michelle Williams of "Dawson's Creek" fame has split with her artist boyfriend Dustin Yellin after one year of dating. On Tuesday, US Magazine shared the news about their big split. In May of 2013, these two were seen out and about which announced their relationship. This year she went to the Met Gala by herself which had fans wondering why he wasn't with her like he was the year before when they announced they were a couple.

Williams and Yellin have been very quiet about what is going on with their relationship. They were only spotted out in public a few times. Neither one is talking about the big split yet either, but they are broke up. Obviously things just didn't work out with them and they have moved on.

Michelle Williams dated Jason Segal of "How I Met Your Mother" before Dustin. He was very close with her daughter and they got along well. Her daughter is from her famous ex Heath Ledger. Her daughter Matilda is her main focus even though she has been working on Broadway. Michelle has shared that her main job is being a mom and of course she puts that first, but she is still an actress and needs to make a living.

My Central Jersey shared a little about her play "Cabaret." This play hasn't been on Broadway for the last 10 years and now returns with Williams. She plays Fraulein Sally Bowles in the play. The review does say that she isn't the best singer but her character isn't supposed to be so it might just be part of her amazing acting.

Michelle Williams is now single. She isn't speaking out about it and probably never will. Once she moves on everyone will be watching to see her with someone, but Michelle likes to keep things pretty secret so she might just not reveal she has someone new in her life.

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