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Michelle Obama wins favor from The Queen

Actually, the focus of the 2009 London Summit should have been on the meetings between the president of the United States & his interactions with dignitaries from other foreign countries such as Germany, China , France & Great Britian and of course, the visit with the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace. Although, it initially started out this way for President Obama as he delved into his economic stimulus plan for betterment of world countries, the camera lens inevitably landed upon his wife, the very chic & stylishly dressed Mrs. Michelle Obama. 

The Obamas landed in London amida flurry of photographers intent upon capturing the essence of the couple... From the onset, Michelle Obama's move & dress selection was captured & commented upon. Photographed wearing a cardigan over a simple black skirt and white short sleeved sweater for her visit with The Queen at Buckingham Palace, the editor of the British Vogue Magazine was free in her praise of Mrs. Obama, comparing her to the sytle & grace of another great first lady, Jackie Kennedy.  The editor is quoted as saying, "She could wear a rubbish bag and I thinks she looks great."

There is an obvious obsession for the first lady as she was greeted sooo profoundly by young students at a London school for girls. The girls view Michelle Obama as a 'role model' and they were so moved to tears to be in her presence. One young girl even commented on how well the first lady dresses. Imagine that the views held by this girl was what foreign designers wished for as their goal; Design for the first lady of the United States of America. Mrs. Obama called the girls at this London school, "gems" and that they were just like other girls all over the world.

Lots of stuff were happening for the president and his first lady. According to reports, not every head of country totally agreed with the president's economic stimulus plan, however, there was an agreement to join together for the sake of global solutions. The one sour note that got the world talking involved Mrs. Obama putting her arm around The Queen during a meet & greet session at the palace. Folks began to cry foul that the first lady had somehow, "broken protocol"...but, this attempt at dissension accordingly was laid to rest reportedly from sources close to the queen, who issued a statement in essence, saying, "There is no offense here". That it was a 'mutual' show of affection between the queen and the president's lady...