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Michelle Obama says #LetsMove and shows off her four year old.

Michelle Obama is proud of her four year old!
Michelle Obama is proud of her four year old!
Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

First Lady Michelle Obama shows off her four year old initiative to end childhood obesity, ‘Let’s Move' in a special week of celebrations. To broadcast the success of the program and promote continued progress, Mrs. Obama has extended an invitation to all those using social media to join in at #LetsMove for a week long celebration, starting today, using social media to motivate, congratulate and inspire each other to move.

Mrs. Obama has extended an invitation for everyone to share photos of themselves living active, healthy lives. She invites everyone to join in as she encourages our nation's children to get off the couch and put down the video games. Just say, 'let's move!'

Use #LetsMove to post and share the motivational images that can inspire our children to healthy habits and probably create a few fun memories of families spending time together, along the way.

At the White House, Mrs. Obama keeps everyone on the move. Take a look at these candid photos from The White House where Let's Move has become their motto.

Mrs. Obama hopes that social media will explode with participation from people everywhere this week. Jimmy Fallon should post something. Michelle Obama did do his Tonight Show last week. Oprah is a friend to the Obama family. Will Oprah join in the celebration and post her second selfie? Then Beyonce should be on the list and of course Kim and Kanye. Does Lady Gaga support Let's Move? Hilaria Baldwin is ahead of the game!

It could be interesting to see which celebrities will make some time this week to participate and use #LetsMove and join in the celebration of promoting active living and healthy habits in America. Who will 'like' Michelle Obama?

Will Ferrell has already joined the first lady in what is being called ’an adorable focus group’ on the subject of Let‘s Move. Watch the 'adorable video' and consider signing up for updates.

Reminding ourselves and teaching our children about the importance of staying active and developing good eating habits is as essential as learning the alphabet.

Now, if congress and The Senate would adopt Let's Move as their mantra, this country could be on to something...

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