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Michelle Obama's reputation in San Francisco

The first lady of the United States.
The first lady of the United States.

This question is from Renee in San Francisco:

"The Obamas have a reserved suite at a hotel in downtown San Francisco and they do a lot of fundraising here. They must be raising a lot of money. My question is why would anyone give money to Michelle. She's on the front cover of a tabloid for spending one hundred and fifty million dollars on vacations. During the worldwide financial crisis her entire focus was on being a fashion trend setter. She gave Oprah Winfrey the cold shoulder, and she won't allow school children to tour The White House. Now there's a picture of her screaming at Barack in front of a huge crowd. Why do people fund her campaigns?"

Hi Renee,

Politicians' wives receive a lot of guidance and hands-on coaching from seasoned public relations specialists and it appears that Michelle got someone who came from a different time period when the economy was booming. In other words, her PR coach and wardrobe stylist were out of step with the public. The same thing happened to Sarah Palin during her campaign with John McCain in 2008, but luckily she went on national TV and explained what happened to the public and people forgave her for it.

Michelle is allowed to scream at her husband of over twenty years. A marriage counselor would say that it's dysfunctional behavior and a PR coach would cringe in embarrassment but they probably do it to their husbands, too. Everyone has screamed at their spouse at some point. Laura Bush probably did it to her husband, too, and we can assume that Barbara did because she has a reputation for being tough. Imagine how loudly Hillary Clinton must have screamed at Bill for having an affair.

The White House is Michelle's house where her children live. We all love Oprah Winfrey; I love her too, but if it's true that she flirted with Barack then she should not be allowed in their home. Any woman who does that should be banned; it doesn't matter who she is.

Every politician's wife has that problem and they're expected to deal with it privately to keep it out of the media. They laugh it off in public and then ban them from the The White House and keep them off of all of their future guest lists. Michelle's fatal flaw is that she can't hide it, and it's unreasonable to expect her to and so let her give dirty looks to women who try to move in on her husband. The real issue is that the tabloids attack her for it instead of going after the flirtatious sluhhts who caused the problem in the first place.

It's true that she's depriving school children of touring The White House which is their link to our former presidents. The Smithsonian Museum does a great job but it's not the same as walking through someone's house.

To my knowledge the President's compensation package includes $50,000 a year for vacation expenses and so if it's true that the couple has spent $150,000,000 on personal travel then they may have committed embezzlement. Ken Starr would know. He was the attorney who investigated former President Bill Clinton while he was in office.

To answer your last question, people donate money when she asks for it is because they need Barack to be in office in order to support specific causes on their behalf.

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