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Michelle Obama's Mississippi visit

Our Fat Uncle Sam
Our Fat Uncle Sam

First Lady Michelle Obama visited Mississippi last week  (at taxpayer expense, of course) to see first hand how our state is tackling the problem of obesity, particularly childhood obesity.  Among other distinctions, Mississippi is known as the fattest state in the union.  We do love our fried catfish, chicken, cornbread, peas, butterbeans, and hot buttered biscuits!  It was admirable of Mrs. Obama to pay Mississippians a visit, showing her concern about our numerous potbellies.

However, of more concern to me, and many like-minded Mississippians, is the obesity of the federal government of which Mrs. Obama's husband is the chief executive.  If our Uncle Sam could be described physically, he would look something like this:  about 5'8" tall, 550 lbs.  If Uncle Sam did some shopping at Wal-Mart, he would be one of those in the motorized shopping cart, and fat would be hanging over the sides of the seat, a disgusting spectacle indeed.   (If Uncle Sam was doing a little grocery shopping, I'm certain he'd be stocking up on root beer, potato chips, and Little Debbie snacks.)   Uncle Sam is so fiscally out of shape, he could best be described as a panting, gasping slob.

Why have I described our Uncle Sam in such unflattering terms?  Because of the economic nightmare he has inflicted upon the American taxpayer, that's why?  No, government obesity didn't begin the day Barack Obama was inaugurated.  George W Bush was the biggest spender of all Republican presidents.  But Obama has perpetuated this spending spree, and has upped the ante considerably.  Obama's 2011 budget calls for federal spending of just over $10.4 billion a day.   Oh yes, this budget also comes gift-wrapped with a $1.56 trillion deficit.  One may pose the question, "Where could the federal budget be cut?"  I thought you'd never ask!  And that will likely be answered in the next article.

For now, however, consider our grotesquely obese Uncle Sam.  And further consider who may be sent to Washington in the mid-term elections, and in the next presidential election, who has the guts to put Uncle Sam on a diet of bread and water.


  • 5 years ago

    excellent article!----Uncle Sam has become the "Do as I say Don't DO as I do!" Uncle.--it seems that we have more takers than producers in this country.... with the high cost of doing business along with all the red tape it is killing the productivity of our Great Nation!