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Michelle Obama receives mixed reviews for Tonight Show appearance

The verdict is in, and when it comes to First Lady Michelle Obama's appearance last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, viewers had a lot to say.

First Lady Michelle Obama is receiving mixed reviews for her Tonight Show appearance with Jimmy Fallon.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Mrs. Obama appeared in a segment called "EwI" with cross-dressing Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell imitating young girls and discussing things that make them go "Ew!"

Dorky stepdads and jelly doughnuts made the list, but when the "young girls" tried to slam exercise, Mrs. Obama was not trying to hear it.

"Exercise is not ew!" the first lady exclaimed. "You just have to find an activity that's right for you."

During the segment FLOTUS broke it down with Fallon once again, showing her infamous dance moves.

Viewers took to the show's Facebook page to sound off.

"Elected politicians (or their wives) just have no place on a late night entertainment show. Or announcing the best picture at the Oscars," stated one commenter.

Another wrote, "Late night isn't for politics and I especially don't want to hear FLOTUS telling me how to handle my health."

Many viewers praised the show giving the First Lady her props and calling it the best episode yet.

What did you think of the show?

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