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Michelle Obama news: Birthday bash succeeds despite rumors of divorce

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Despite new divorce rumors spreading like wildfire, Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday bash was a huge success with no one reporting any visible signs of the Obama marriage being on the rocks. As of Jan 20, The Los Angeles Times, the International Business Times, Fox News and numerous other news outlets have reported on the star-studded White House event, and not one of the 500 guests present at Michelle’s birthday celebration mentioned seeing any hint of the alleged marital strife, or anything that would support the rapidly growing rumors of divorce. See Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Divorce Rumors: Everything You Want to Know

Michelle and Barack Obama Scrutinized by Birthday Guests

Because the Obama divorce rumors have taken the Internet by storm, it was expected that the interaction between Barack and Michelle Obama would be closely scrutinized the party guests. See Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Divorce Rumors Make International News. Speculation that something might be amiss between the first couple was further sparked by the fact that guests invited to Michelle’s 50th birthday party were forbidden to bring cameras and cell phones, and no members of the press were allowed to cover the ultra-exclusive event.

Some viewed this as an indication that the rift between the president and the first lady was so serious that they wanted to ensure that there would be no photographic evidence of their marital discord. At one point it was rumored that because of Barack Obama’s wandering eye and alleged infidelities, Michelle Obama had refused to attend the birthday event given by the president. See Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Divorce Rumors: Everything You Want to Know. It was later reported that the first lady agreed to attend only under duress.

Barack Obama’s Emotional Tribute to His Wife

Any guests who thought they would get a firsthand glimpse of a couple having marriage problems, were sorely disappointed. According to reports, just the opposite occurred. Barack Obama gave a very emotional and heartfelt tribute to his wife Michelle, reportedly saying that she is a great mother and wife and that she has made him a better person.

Several guests said Barack’s tribute to Michelle was one of the highlights of the night. One party-goer described it in these words.

“It was really beautiful and really touching. He said something – his voice almost cracked like he was crying. It was just beautiful, a husband speaking about his wife.

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Party-goers said Michelle Obama "seemed very comfortable and happy. Very celebratory”

Again, none of the guests at Michelle Obama’s birthday celebration even alluded to seeing any evidence of marital strife.

Are the Obama Divorce Rumors Rooted in Truth?

This is by no means the first time the Obama marriage has been called into question. See New Divorce Rumors Spoil Barack Obama’s Re-election Victory and Obama Divorce rumors like Obama –Vera Baker Affair Rumors are Without Merit But in the past it was fairly obvious that there was no truth to the claims because they were not based on any actual facts. See The Barack Obama - Vera Baker Affair - Truth or Rumor? – Setting The Record Straight However, the latest divorce rumors are linked to events that were widely reported by media outlets worldwide, leading many to believe that this time the rumors may actually be rooted in truth. See Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Divorce Rumors Make International News and Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Divorce Rumors: Everything You Want to Know.

One thing is certain. If there’s any truth to the rumors that Barack and Michelle Obama are gearing up for a future divorce, it will all be revealed in due time.

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