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Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell team up for funny 'Let's Move!' PSA

First Lady Michelle Obama, 50, and funny man Will Ferrell, 46, team up for a public service announcement for Mrs. Obama's child obesity campaign with a fun skit released on the "Let's Move! website Monday (Feb. 24).

MIchelle Obama and Will Ferrell team up for hilarious PSA for "Let's Move!"
Photo courtesy of Today

Michelle Obama and Ferrell sit side by side with a panel of kids and ask them a series of questions involving nutritional facts and dieting. The kids respond cheerfully as Ferrell playfully chimes in with ridiculous responses to enlighten them.

Michelle even jokingly asked the kids who their favorite comedian was and one responded "Jimmy Fallon." Ferrell then sarcastically coughs as he of course thinks he is the funniest. The comedian even jokingly whispered to Mrs. Obama,

You're lucky I didn't ask who their favorite first lady was."

Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" campaign also features major athletes like Miami Heat's Lebron James and Ray Allen advocating for healthier eating habits for our young generation.

This will be Michelle Obama and the former SNL star's second appearance together since teaming up with fellow comedian Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last week with a laugh out loud skit.

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