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Michelle Obama and daughters vacation in Aspen again

Michelle Obama on a ski vacation in Aspen
Michelle Obama on a ski vacation in Aspen

President Barack Obama’s family is spending Presidents Day weekend in Aspen, Colorado, according to a variety of sources including ABC News on Saturday. TMZ has reported that the local airport shut down for the arrival of the president’s family.

Michelle Obama, along with daughters Sasha and Malia, is spending their third consecutive trip to Aspen for this particular long-weekend holiday, according to Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSavlo who said that Mrs. Obama “likes it here.” He was told three weeks ago that the First Lady was going to return for yet another ski trip.

In response to the news that the Obamas were coming to town, eight local law enforcement officers were brought in for security for their visit. The extra security comes from Aspen police and sheriff’s deputies employed in the county.

Reportedly, the three members of the president’s family are staying at Jim and Paula Crown’s home. The Crowns are the owners of the Aspen Skiing Company. The Obamas arrived in Aspen on Friday and will be headed back to the nation’s capital on Monday afternoon.

As for President Barack Obama’s Presidents Day weekend, he was golfed on Saturday at the Sunnylands retreat in Rancho Mirage in California. His golf cronies included Bobby Titcomb, Michael Ramos, and Greg Orme. The president will be at the estate all weekend, returning to Washington, D.C. on Monday.

The concerns of the masses over the trips are the costs, which include the cost of transportation of not only the Obamas, but the security team - and staff members that often accompany the Obamas when they travel. Of course, lodging for security and staff has a price. Some have feared that vacationing is going to become yet more and more common during President Obama’s lame duck time in office.

Of course, there are comparisons to former President George W. Bush’s travel expenses – though Obama critics say Bush most-often traveled to his “Texas White House” which was his home where he often worked. Obama does not have a "Chicago White House" but often returns to his birthplace of Hawaii rather than Chicago to vacation. Reportedly, the Bushes were not the globe-trotters that the Obamas have been.

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