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Michelle Obama admits 'Scandal’ addiction midst scandalous gossip

The real “Scandal” that has captured Michelle Obama is not the one concocted by the National Enquirer claiming a divorce was imminent between the First Lady and President Obama, but rather the one starring Kerry Washington. Ironically this summer the Enquirer pit the FLOTUS against Washington claiming the star was banned from the White House because of her obsession with the POTUS. However, Michelle Obama revealed to “binge-watching” the show as reported by the New York Daily News, on Jan. 31, 2014: Michelle Obama admits to binge watching ABC's 'Scandal': 'I love Kerry Washington and also reported by the Huffington Post: 'Scandal.'

Happily ignoring the gossips
Paul J Richards/ AFP/ Getty Images

Misinformed gossips

It seems that Obama became attached to the series on that long Hawaiian flight recently. Could that be the same flight in which misinformed gossips claimed that because a divorce was imminent she stayed in Hawaii? And remember the claims that the First Lady's birthday was being ruined by the divorce scandal? Have a look at the video from her birthday bash.

Gossip Cop and more scandalous gossip

This was not the first time that the National Enquirer tried its hand at creative fiction. Gossip Cop royally slapped them down when the tabloid reported that Washington’s obsession with the POTUS so angered Michelle Obama that she took steps to ban the star from the White House. As Gossip Cop reported in July: Kerry Washington and President Barack Obama Affair.

This from Gossip Cop

For the Enquirer to pit Michelle Obama against the actress, and then say that Washington had to “settle” for Asomugha because she supposedly couldn’t steal the President of the United States away from his wife — a made-up theory for which there’s absolutely no evidence — is beneath even the supermarket tabloid’s dubious standards. Kerry Washington.

The John Edwards affair

The National Enquirer struck gold when they uncovered the John Edwards scandal. In fact they were hoping for a Pulitizer. Since then they have yet to muster a big win.

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