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Michelle O's beauty tricks


AP Photo

Of course Michelle Obama's choice of dresses tonight will be second story only to her husband's historic rise to become the 44th President of our United States.  Total Beauty just posted a great review on some of her beauty secrets we could all use day to day.  Style is back in the White House!  Click here to see the Total Beauty slide show and tips.  

For a great article on her dress - check out Denver Fashion Examiner

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  • Melissa 6 years ago

    Okay part of me is slightly sad that because she is a woman this is what we focus on - not her education or how she has raised her children but what designer will she choose. But then the other part of me is searching the internet for photos - so I am just as guilty.

  • Cynthia G 6 years ago

    Totally agree Melissa! I could have written about a 1000 line article about the woman that she is. We're very lucky to have her - but most importantly her kids are lucky. President Obama wouldn't be where he is without her! She is one heck of a mom/wife/daughter/role model/ivy league lawyer/woman.

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