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Michelle McKinney Hammond's advice can heal your spirit in time for the New Year

Michelle making a guest appearance on a television show.
Michelle making a guest appearance on a television show.
Michelle McKinney Hammond knows a thing or two about human and spiritual relations.
Michelle McKinney Hammond knows a thing or two about human and spiritual relations.
Photo: Michelle's website
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Michelle McKinney Hammond sure knows a thing or two about relationships. Spanning from the kinds we have with our friends and with our mates, all the way to the one we have with God. And she has been working on sharing her wisdom with us through the over 30 books she has written, many of them bestsellers too.

Not only does she author books, this Chicago-based diva also travels across the country and sometimes the world, to speak at conferences, to sing and host her well-known Diva Principle events. All mediums she uses to coach people from the titles she writers her books about, turning them into informative lectures on: How to Make Life Work, Sassy, Single & Satisfied and What to do Until Love Finds You. And in the end, all her topics share the same goal, to help people connect with themselves and to God so that they can become the best versions of themselves. As Michelle likes to say, “get yourself in spiritual order and your natural life will come together.”

Founder of HeartWing Ministries, Michelle ministers not only to the mind, but to the spirit too, helping others on their path to reach their fullest potential. Her ministry works with people to identify, define and shape the quality of their relationships through a three-fold process, encompassing: the relationship you have with yourself, the relationship you have with God, and the relationships we have with each other.

Known for “keeping it real,” Michelle often crosses denominational lines, addressing both men and women from every walk of life through her monthly speaking engagements and television appearances. A line she often walks to help teach us that at the end of the day, we are all one in God’s eyes. She reminds her audience that in being God’s children, our job is to lead a life full of purpose, while at the same time, making sure to shine brightly as we do. And this is one of the many things Michelle does best. Since she has stated that, “helping others live more fruitful lives in every area has become my heartbeat and my life’s work.”

Not only does Michelle speak to others about the spiritual topics mentioned above but she also chooses to live her life by example. Because by the end of the day, Michelle somehow finds the time to give back and assist others by being the spokesperson for well-known charity, World Vision, where she also sponsors many children. Michelle believes in giving back because as she likes to say, “in scripture it is noted that when a seed is planted in good soil, a rich crop is guaranteed. We are encouraged to give and it will be given back to us.”

So if you are wondering how you can catch one of Michelle’s speaking engagements, then check out her speaking schedule online or learn about her numerous Diva Principle events taking place across the nation. One to make note of is in February when Hammond and crew will set sail and bring her impactful messages about relationships, spirituality and the importance of defining the real you, to her event entitled, Divas Sailing the High Seas.

And if a cruise or conference is out of the question for you, then visit her virtual gift shop and learn how you can download one of her messages right from her website. Look through her various book titles, CDs and even learn how you can sign up to sponsor a child through World Vision for only $35.00. What’s better is that because of the holidays, they have sales going on with certain products, so if you are one of those last-minute shoppers, than rest assured, you might find something on Michelle’s site for your favorite someone. A download makes for a wonderful gift since the link can be emailed instantaneously, which cuts out travel and shipping time. And giving a gift that contains a message about being good to yourself and how to lead more fulfilling lives is a great gift idea too.

So whether you are already familiar with Michelle McKinney Hammond’s hard-hitting messages or are hearing about her for the first time through this article, then take some time to check out her website and learn about her spiritual mission and the wisdom she shares on self-realization. The products she offers are also available to help others learn about ways they can become better versions of themselves, not only for their own personal gain, but for others too. Michelle’s wisdom is timely, and contains messages to help support our spirits as we venture into the New Year.

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  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Wow! Is she single?

  • Sarah Correa 5 years ago

    You know, I hear she is currently single...isn't that amazing? A beautiful woman and spirit like that.