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Michelle Lopez still writing 'Stalking the Alpha Male' book on Roger Huerta

Michelle Lopez is still working on a book about her experiences with Roger Huerta
Photo by Eric Holden

According to an Aug. 30 post from, Michelle Lopez is still working on a book about her past obsession with Roger Huerta.

She plans to call it Stalking The Alpha Male, and says she's working with a ghostwriter on the forthcoming effort.


Lopez, a writer from Colorado, rose to fame in 2011 for her actions involving Huerta, a former UFC fighter. Some have likened her to a "crazy stalker," but Lopez feels that portrayal isn't quite accurate.

As the story would go, Lopez first became intrigued by Huerta after watching his infamous street-fight video, the one where he knocked out a man who had been messing with a woman at a bar.

Lopez then Google searched "Roger Huerta" and quickly became enamored by his looks. She started reading about his life story, and she says it captivated her.

After reading a lot about Huerta's life in late-2010, Lopez felt compelled to fly to Pharr, Texas to take an MMA training seminar that he was hosting.

Afterwards, she managed to hang out with him and a group of his friends, got to talk to him for a bit, and felt a strong connection that led her to believe they could be good friends in real life.

A few months later, Lopez was running low on cash, but would stop at nothing to see Huerta fight War Machine at UWF 1 in Texas.

She pawned jewelry and solicited donations online for gasoline money and then drove 20 hours from Colorado to Texas to see Huerta's bout.

Huerta lost the fight, but he knew Lopez had traveled a long way to come see him.

He agreed to meet up with her for dinner after UWF had concluded, but he brought along a group of his closest friends and family. Midway through the dinner, Lopez got up and left because she felt uncomfortable.

"Next thing I know, this woman is writing a book," Huerta said of the encounter. "It's crazy, that's what it is."

Even though Huerta doesn't support the book, Lopez says she is still working on it.

"Stalking the Alpha Male," she said it will be titled. "It isn't 'imaginary.' I've been working with a book coach on it, someone who has ghostwritten numerous NY Times Bestselling books and knows WTF is up. I'm doing this shit right. As long as you don't get hit by a car and die in the next year or two, I'm sure you'll be able to read and enjoy it.

"Yeah, isn't that a great title? lol. There's a free chapter at . I'm working on a scene from the bedroom I slept in when I was in Pharr the second time," she added. "Yall haven't seen it or read it yet. I'm sorry I'm so slow at finishing books, got a lot on my plate and have ADD and chronic alpha male addiction, etc., so it's been delayed. A girl's gotta pay the bills with some legit work while she's penning this great MEXICAN MMA romance novel!

"F**k, if Roger wants to boost his income while he's over there playing around in Thailand he should really team up with me, I'd be more than happy to do a legit/authorized bio on him," she added. "Guaranteed bestseller with my marketing background, writing experience, and le cray. Plus he can fill in any details I miss. His cooperation would be good for the fans. More importantly, it would give him something to leave behind. A legacy, so to speak. What a dummy if he doesn't see this as a huge opportunity. His loss."

Lopez thinks Huerta didn't handle the situation as she would have.

"If it was me---------I wouldn't give my number to someone unless I liked them. I wouldn't go to dinner with them unless I really wanted to. I wouldn't multi-task and bring my family AND a 'fan' to dinner simultaneously...that's just rude to both parties," Lopez said. "I would choose one or the other. Roger could have said no to me. That would have been fine. It wasn't even my idea to meet up. It was his friend's idea. I was like "OK, good idea, I'll ask him." Somehow in his mind, he made it this sad story that I was driving back to Denver alone. I travel alone all the time - it's exciting, not sad. I didn't need charity, or his pity. I literally just wanted to see if he'd be up for a meeting. He said yes, so I was like cool. He brought his entire fucking family... not cool. At least warn a chick. lol. If he had told me he was busy with fam, I would have said "You know what? Don't meet me. Go spend time with your family. I don't want to interrupt." Instead he surprises me with Dave Fucking Menne and a GANG OF GATEKEEPERS.

"I actually do have a stalker. He's from Sherdog. He's quite big fan of me, as well as Ronda Rousey. We've exchanged a few emails. I'm not threatened by him. In fact, I even encouraged him to share his real identity with me, but he wouldn't. Some stalker, huh?

"I would be honored if someone thought my life was cool enough to write a book about. I am energized by anyone who challenges me to step outside my comfort zone. But that's me. Clearly Roger and I are very different."

I hope that answers your question.

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