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Michelle Lopez not interested in relationship with War Machine

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Michelle Lopez said on Jan. 2 in an exclusive interview with Long Island MMA Examiner Eric Holden that she's not interesting in pursuing a relationship with Bellator star War Machine, even though he recently ended his relationship with Christy Mack.

Lopez, who is perhaps best-known in the MMA community as Roger Huerta's former stalker and Machine's Twitter friend, has moved on from her "MMA crushes" to do some positive work for the sport.

She has found work as a guest contributor for, one of the top websites in the MMA realm.

In her interview with Holden, Lopez opened up about her life since the Huerta scandal broke.

Here's what she had to say:

Q. You are well-known in the MMA community for your "crushes" on Roger Huerta and War Machine. Do you want to date a fighter?

Lopez: No.

Q. Well you are known for crushing on fighters, so what is it about MMA stars that appeals to you?

Lopez: Their athleticism, their war mentality, they are a different breed of human representing all that's wrong with society...and all that's right simultaneously. Hah.

Q. So now that you landed a job as an MMA reporter, it would be unprofessional to flirt with fighters. Are you cool with that?

Lopez: I don't have a job as an MMA reporter, I'll be writing some PROMMA articles unpaid for the fun of it. I've only ever flirted with two fighters - Huerta very subtly in person and War Machine over Twitter and Facebook. I stopped being interested in Huerta the second I found out he was married at that dinner.

I stopped flirting with War Machine after he got serious with Christy Mack, as I have no interest in disrupting anyone's relationship. That's for ho bag groupies, of which there are plenty.

Q. So now that War Machine and Mack broke up, do you have any interest in pursuing him again?

Lopez: He has a different life philosophy than me, I would not be interested in any relationship with him regardless of whether or not he's with Mack.

Q. What is your life philosophy?

Lopez: We are all one. There is no 'them.' There is only 'us.' We can create anything we want in life, once we master our own minds. We live in a holographic universe whereby the internal world creates the external world. Therefore....... there is nothing to fear or be angry about. I also believe the only competition we have is 'who we were yesterday.' And anyone can be a super human - it's all about self-mastery.

Q. How do you want to be known in the MMA community? You're trying to get away from the Huerta scandal right?

Lopez: I have been away from Huerta for over a year, don't care about it. As someone who brings a fresh perspective to MMA.

Actually... I would like to write stuff that catches the attention of Joe Rogan. I noticed he has interviewed several health experts. Well I happen to do sales copy-writing for health clients. I help them sell more sh*t. I feel like an introduction would be mutually beneficial for all parties involved - JR, myself, health clients, and the future customers of health clients.

Q. Some people say you're crazy, but I think you're just a a hopeless romantic. You're just looking for a nice guy to love. Would you say that's the case?

Lopez: Yeah, I'm not crazy. My only problem is that I'm my worst enemy. I was not looking for a nice guy two years ago... I was looking for a jerk disguised as a nice guy, which is exactly what I found. I also was never interested in a seriously relationship with anyone. I've grown and changed to the point where I'm open to it now. I'm at the place where I can create it from the inside... rather than searching outside of myself for love.

Q. What do you look for in a man?

Lopez: An Alpha Male with his head and heart straight.

Q. Are you still planning to release the book about your crush on Huerta?

Lopez: Yep.

Q. What effect did the Huerta scandal have on your life? What did you learn from it and did it cause you to lose any friendships or jobs?

Lopez: No the Huerta situation led to me getting really great clients in 2012. After all of that happened, I realized I didn't give a shit what people thought of me anymore. Since I had shared/confessed all my failures and mistakes online and in video, it was very freeing. I was more confident and clear about myself. It had positive spillover effects in all areas of my life. A lot of my clients knew about it. They didn't care too much about it though, they're busy with their own sh*t.

Q. What advice would you give to all the girls out there who might fawn over a celeb? How can they avoid falling into the same situation you fell into?

Lopez: That will be answered in-depth in my book. In a nutshell: you're not really seeing the celeb. You're seeing a part of yourself that you haven't owned yet, and projecting it onto the celeb.

Q. It seems to me that with the rise of Twitter and Facebook, it's easier than ever to connect with celebs. Especially "B-list" celebs who connect with fans constantly. Do you think social media can push fans into obsessive behavior since you're lulled into a feeling of actually being friends with celebrities?

Lopez: Social media is just a communication tool. Fans can push themselves into obsessing behavior.

Analysis: Lopez first became intrigued by Huerta after watching his infamous street-fight video, the one where he knocked out a man who had been messing with a woman at a bar.

Lopez then Google searched "Roger Huerta" and quickly became enamored by his looks. She started reading about his life story, and she says it captivated her.

After reading a lot about Huerta's life in late-2010, Lopez felt compelled to fly to Pharr, Texas to take an MMA training seminar that he was hosting.

Afterwards, she managed to hang out with him and a group of his friends, got to talk to him for a bit, and felt a strong connection that led her to believe they could be good friends in real life.

A few months later, Lopez was running low on cash, but would stop at nothing to see Huerta fight War Machine at UWF 1 in Texas.

She pawned jewelry and solicited donations online for gasoline money and then drove 20 hours from Colorado to Texas to see Huerta's bout.

Huerta lost the fight, but he knew Lopez had traveled a long way to come see him.

He agreed to meet up with her for dinner after UWF had concluded, but he brought along a group of his closest friends and family. Midway through the dinner, Lopez got up and left because she felt uncomfortable. Next thing you know, Lopez is writing a book about the whole ordeal, which freaked Huerta out.

What it all comes back to is social media and the Internet fueling Lopez's celebrity obsession. Watching Huerta's street-fighting video and reading about him online made Lopez feel connected to him in real life.

She felt like they had some kind of connection because his life was in the public eye.

Lopez was lulled into the illusion of intimacy because she was able to keep up with Huerta's life via social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Huerta didn't help the situation, because he wanted to be a nice guy by meeting up with a fan who traveled a long way to come see him fight.

Lopez mistakenly took that kind gesture as something more than what it actually was, perhaps believing it to be a "date" or an opportunity to engage in a deep conversation about life.

For Huerta, it was nothing more than a casual gathering with friends, following a night of fights.

"The bottom line is this: you probably don't have an actual relationship with any celebrity, but it’s OK to pretend… so long as you know where to draw the line," says FOX News analyst Christine Ruane. "Continue to follow your favorite stars on Twitter and Facebook, but don’t let their posts trick you into thinking they want to be friends with you. The fact is, they just want you to like them enough to keep them famous."


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