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Michelle Duggar's Battle With Bulimia as a Teen

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Michelle Duggar, the mother from the hit TV show on TLC's 19 Kids And Counting battled bulimia as a teen. She had a strong desire to be perfect and she wanted to lose weight so she became bulimic. Michelle was extremely insecure and never felt as pretty or popular or as skinny as her fellow classmates. She would exercise for three hours a day but still gained weight so by age 14 she turned to bulimia and would make herself throw up. Duggar was usually doing it on a daily basis. It was a constant struggle for her but then she met Jim Bob who would later become her husband. They would pray together and she would call him when she had the need to binge and purge. Eventually, Jim Bob helped Michelle conquer bulimia and they were married after she graduated high school. Michelle finally achieved a positive self-image. She wanted to share her story with others so it may help other teens and women who are struggling with bulimia. Duggar wants them to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that you can overcome bulimia. Michelle is now a very happy wife and very proud mother. Her daughters are so proud of her for sharing her story of her experience with bulimia.