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Michelle Duggar pregnant? ’19 Kids and Counting’ offers doctor's opinion on baby

Michelle Duggar might not have another baby
Michelle Duggar might not have another baby
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

The fans of “19 Kids and Counting” are going to be hearing some tough news for the Duggar family. While Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are open to having another child, it appears that another baby might be out of the question. The interesting dialog the reality couple has with the doctor is shared on Tuesday night as the couple involves a physician to see what the opportunities might be. According to the Christian Post on Tuesday, it seems that Michelle Duggar child-bearing years might be over and her decision about more kids has been made by her body not able to handle another baby.

The couple have always been open about their desire to have children. Sharing their home with viewers around the country, the reality stars have kids from adulthood to very young. According to People Magazine on Monday, the Duggars have always insisted the number of children they have is in God's hands, but they have five children below the age of 10. It is surprising to some viewers that the couple is continuing to consider adding to their family.

The talk about the Duggar family adding another member to the family is always a hot button for the public. People get extremely opinionated about the idea of the Duggar’s having so many kids. Of course, TLC does their best to let the viewers know the family wants a few more babies which successfully keeps the debate going.

The Duggar baby news isn't completely surrounding Michelle and Jim Bob as there is a wedding being planned and someone else could have a child. Jill Duggar will be exchanging vows in less than a month and the younger reality star is thinking about starting a family herself. With so much baby talk, it might be the younger Duggar who actually is pregnant before her mom. And the fans would be just as happy with the results.

19 Kids and Counting” airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.