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Michelle Beadle take Jack Labonkski to Prom

Michelle Bealde takes Jack Labonksi to Prom
Michelle Bealde takes Jack Labonksi to Prom
Photo by Bryan Bedder

Its not exactly dating advice, but it is a date, and honestly, it could be dating advice. I don't consider this a charity case. I consider this a great thing to do for many reasons. Both of these people are heroes in my mind.

ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. — Talk about making the best out of life. Paralyzed Minnesota prep hockey player Jack Jablonski asked Michelle Beadle, the host of ESPN’s Host Nation to be his date to prom. This all happened back in March over a radio Interview. She quickly and happily said yes.

Jack Jablonski is a Minnesota prep hockey player who was paralyzed during a game two years ago and apparently made quite a showing at his senior prom with his celebrity date. He is one of those iconic heroes that while not famous, will not let anyone or anything get him down.

Before going to the prom, Michelle Beadle had dinner with the Jablonski family then participated in the grand march at the school and rode a school bus with other prom-goers to the dance off site
at Benilde-St. Margaret's School in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park.

Special thanks to the school that made an exception so the Beadle could be allowed to go. According to all sources, Jablonski is a great kid who deserved a great date and a great night.

When asked to go to the prom Beadle immediately said yes, but she did make Jack “Jabs” Jablonski promise no alcohol and asked if she could wear a dress from the 80’s/ From the looks of the pictures, she didn’t go through with her part of the bargain.

Jablonski is a tough young man who swears to defy his doctors and says he will walk again someday. With his spirit, who knows? As for Beadle, she had a great time at the Prom and posted quite a few pictures on her Twitter feed. She says she admires Jablonski for keeping his smile despite what he's gone through.

Jablonski says he's ending high school with a bang and can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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