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Michelle Beadle, Jack Jablonski: ESPN host attends high school prom

Michelle Beadle attends high school prom with paralyzed high school student.
Michelle Beadle attends high school prom with paralyzed high school student.
Michelle Beadle Twitter

Michelle Beadle and Jack Jablonski had a big night on Saturday night. The pair attended the prom for Benilde-St. Margaret’s School in Minnesota. Jablonski asked the ESPN host to be his prom date live on air when she appeared on his broadcast for 105 The Ticket. Beadle and Jablonski had been in communication with each other since he was paralyzed during a school hockey game back in 2011. On April 28, Canada Journal reported on the event.

Michelle Beadle is a sports reporter and a host that works with ESPN. She currently hosts Sports Nation on ESPN2. This is how she met Jablonski. The two have remained in contact via Twitter, and she immediately said yes to his request to attend his prom with him. She also commended him for having the guts to ask her the question on air. Beadle did share photos of herself attending the event on her Twitter. She even revealed that she had her first breathalyzer test ever as she entered the prom.

No word on how the big night went for Michelle and Jack, but they did have the VIP treatment at the event. Jack was given his own parking spot for the night. It was reserved just for him. It was definitely a big night for him, and the photos shared by Beadle before the event show the pair having fun. Jack did go on his Twitter following the event to thank Michelle for attending the prom with him.

It is good to see things like this. Michelle Beadle did a very sweet thing here. She didn't have to go to the prom with him, but she knew the request took a lot for him to make. His bravery was rewarded with a big night. What do you think of Michelle attending the prom with Jack? Would you have said yes to Jack if you were in her shoes?