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Michelin's new tires said to get better with age

New tire technology said to reduce danger of hydroplaning.
New tire technology said to reduce danger of hydroplaning.

Vicitors to the Internatioal Auto Show in Detroit have gotten their first look at Michelin's new Premier A/S tires, which the company claims “get better with age” thanks to new EverGrip™”technology that combines more silica with sunflower oil that enable the treads to expand to grip the road better during inclement weather.

“While the rain grooves on standard tires narrow as they age, the rain grooves on our Premier A/S tires have been designed to expand with wear. In addition, the wider grooves help channel water away from the tire," stated Michelin’s North American country operations manager Tiffany Thompson.

She also noted that testing between new and worn tires has shown that “the stopping distance with the Premier A/S tires is lowered by approximately the length of the vehicle, and reduced the danger of hydroplaning on wet roads.”

While Michelin hopes to make a deal with one or more car manufacturers to have the tires installed as original equipment in the near future, they will be available for sale to consumers some time in April of this year.