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Michele Spitz woman of her word donates her memorable voice for charities

Michele Spitz
Michele Spitz
submitted by Michele Spitz

How to begin a conversation about a woman whose personally assigned mission is to make sure that everyone has equal access to the cultural events that enrich our lives? How to describe Michele Spitz, for whom no disability is ever a reason to be left out of the finest that humanity has to offer? The best place to start is probably with her own assessment that she was, simply enough, born with a Pink Section (entertainment section of the San Francisco Chronicle) in her hands. Certainly noteworthy is that Michele is no stranger to guiding outsiders to great entertainment. She comes from a heritage of cultural sharing and inclusion. Her father was the publisher of the Guest Informant that sat in fine hotel rooms across the country to make sure strangers were not left out of cultural life by virtue of being outsiders.

A self-described “culture vulture” in the best sense, she knows what is going on in town and is ready in a flash to be there these days often with a group who, without her assistance, would not be able to attend. Combined with the unflagging passion for the arts is Michele’s own equally unflagging sense of generosity and an inherent flair for sharing.

Michele has found a significant place for her memorable voice as the Woman of her Word who does narrative voice over work for charitable causes. Her pace is vigorous, her love of the arts all-encompassing, her love of humanity inexhaustible, her energy level high, her spirit indomitable, her laugh contagious and reassuring, her generosity boundless and her organizational abilities enviable. All this serves her immediate goal of making the world visible to the blind through her voice.

Michele is a staunch believer in the inalienable right to enjoy what life has to offer. She can see no reason for anyone to be left out of anything at all. A program that Michele recently underwrote allowed 380 people with various disabilities from 11 organizations to attend 28 different cultural events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She is living proof that there is no end to what the heart can hold, what persistence can accomplish and what the imagination can produce in the arena of bringing more joy to more people. There is rarely a conversation where you cannot see the light bulb of “be my guest” flood the space around her as she sees new opportunities for expanding her philanthropic reach.

I invite you to listen to Michele tell her story in a voice you will not forget and a laugh that will capture your spirit.

From me to you with love in the air,

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