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Michele Bachmann: Hillary Clinton 'bought and paid for' Benghazi testimony

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On April 9, 2014, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) continued to lash out at Michael Morell and others whose testimony undermined her Benghazi conspiracy theories.

Bachmann had previously claimed that Morell was "taking the fall" for Hillary Clinton and "preserving the chance for Hillary to get elected".

Bachmann continued to insist so to Janet "Oh to be Senegalese" Mefferd, insisting that Morell's testimony didn’t support her conspiracy theory was because his testimony was "bought and paid for" by Hillary Clinton and her allies.

"Barack Obama's failed national foreign policy and Hillary Clinton's foreign policy led directly to the debacle at Benghazi," Bachmann insisted. "They need to answer for their failed foreign policy, they couldn't afford to do that six weeks out from a presidential re-election and so they had to concoct a preposterous story.

"Hillary Clinton can't get out of it, but it appears that she has bought Michael Morell's false narrative and her consulting group or at least sympathizers to her in that consulting group have bought and paid for Mike Morell's testimony. And what the American people saw again is a preview of what the story will be to help out Hillary Clinton in her quest to be the next president, but it's not going to work."

If that is indeed the case, the testimony of Bachmann's own cohorts was also bought and paid for. The House GOP's own report on the Benghazi "scandal" also contradicted Bachmann's conspiracy theories.

Bachmann's war against reality continues to prove utterly futile.



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