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Michael Sam saves the NFL while Donald Sterling destroys the NBA


Guess-what-I'm-gay football player Michael Sam celebrated his draft into the NFL by kissing his boyfriend for all the world to see then cried because he was so happy and it put the idea in my head that what LA Clippers racist owner Donald Sterling should have done to counter the liberal bizarre over his race comments was to come out as gay too. What a story that would have made! On the one hand he's courageous, on the other a racist. We can hate him but we can't hate him. Oh the permutations, the confusion.

Michael Sam may have repaired the damage left by the God fearing Tim Tebow who prompt the question over and over again whether praying on the sidelines was a good thing for the game with all the hurt it does to atheists, witch worshipers and tarot card readers. They can all come back and enjoy the game now without looking away from the television lest they lose their lunch at the sight of the outrage of "Tebowing".

CNN has an overnight talk show and I don't know the name of it nor does anyone else, where Donald Sterling and his "exclusive" interview with Guess-what-I'm-gay journalist Anderson Cooper has been aired and discussed endlessly because it's so interesting. "Do you think it's enough or has he done further damage" and "is he being sincere or is this a public relations stunt" the insight by the five guest speakers was breathtaking. After the Sterling segment was another story that probed a security video where Jay Z's sister-in-law Solange Knowles attacked him in an elevator. The topic of discussion here was "privacy". Are we losing our privacy? How dare the hotel release the tape. What has become of us in our technological age. Who was Solange wearing?

Jay Z is not part owner of the Brooklyn Nets anymore and as far as I know he isn't a racist. But he did make his sister-in-law angry enough to attack him and we shouldn't pry into his personal life because it's private. We shouldn't know why he was attacked much less know that he was attacked in the first place. Thanks CNN, very interesting. Had me thinking and pondering.

But wasn't Sterlings conversations with his girlfriend private and shouldn't the sex life of football players and celebrities be private too? It seems it all has to do with who is being offended or the extent in which stars want to ingratiate themselves by glorifying their sex life; then privacy isn't an issue anymore. We simply have to be exposed to private doings of famous people in these matters whether or not we want to.

There is no mention of the word "privacy" in the case of Sterling since his girlfriend was doing the country a fine service by finally finding a person of notoriety making racist comments . Juxtapose the Sterling incident with that of Linda Tripp. Tripp was a friend of then 19 year old Monica Lewinski who tapped a conversation with her as she was in hysterics over her affair with then president Clinton. We got the hear the destruction the predator president had wrought, but but but, it was Linda Tripp who was the bad guy for tapping her friend. How dare she invade her privacy. What's this world coming to.

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