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Miche, handbags that change with you: Interview with a Long Island Miche rep

The slideshow depicts an assortment of different styles and colors of Miche Handbags, perfect for women with style.
The slideshow depicts an assortment of different styles and colors of Miche Handbags, perfect for women with style.

Stylish simplicity that changes with one’s mood easily describes Miche Handbags. Kathleen Desio, the New York representative for Miche, contacted the Long Island Women’s Style Examiner, who was awed by the innovation behind the handbags as the accessories were demonstrated in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

Miche is ready to take on New York with edgy new styles, new material and big-namedfashion designers.

Fairly new to the New York fashion scene, Miche Handbags and Accessories were recently introduced to the tri-state area at IBS New York 2014. According to the brand, Miche “gives women the ability to switch the style and color of their handbags to match their outfits in just three seconds or less;” hard to imagine and yet amazing to witness.

As a beauty, fashion and hair care writer, many, many products, and their details cross the Long Island Women’s Style Examiner’s inbox, and it is fair to say, none have been as exciting as Miche. Women choose a Base Bag and switch the Shell, which attaches with an Earth Magnet (that doesn’t demagnetize credit cards) to coordinate outfits, accommodate seasons or pacify one’s mood. Bag contents never have to leave the main compartment.

Entrepreneurs Corbin Church and Chris Seegmiller from Salt Lake City launched Miche in 2007 after a housewife from Utah, Michelle, created the innovative accessory when something was spilled on her favorite pocketbook. She cut off the fabric and created the first Miche bag. Now the brand, popular out west and down south is spreading to the northeast.

As of December 1, Miche received a new CEO, Dell Brown former CEO of Mona Vie that brought on a new Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Cohen, who according to Kathleen “is the man responsible for the polar bears in the Coca Cola commercials.” And this past July Miche debuted a magnetized, affordable jewelry collection, with both interchangeable and non-interchangeable pieces to choose from.

Kathleen Desio, a mom and lawyer from Long Island was on the hunt for a direct sales business and fell in love with Miche’s concept as she detailed in an exclusive interview.

LIWS: How did you end up at IBS? The handbag is within the fashion category and the show is beauty related.

Kathleen: One of our representatives is a hairstylist from New Jersey and she brought Miche to the event. The brand really doesn’t have that much of a presence here yet.

LIWSE: How did you get involved with Miche?

Kathleen: I found them online in a mom-blog community. I was interested in direct sales because there is no overhead, other than the samples you pick up. I did research and there was nobody here in New York. It is patented, so there isn’t similar competition with brick and mortar, and the handbags are only purchasable through a Miche rep.

LIWSE: What do you say to women who turn their noses up at this type of handbag because it doesn’t have a designer label?

Kathleen: We all like to be fashionable and change our look. But I don’t think there is a woman on Earth who likes to empty the contents of their bags. The brand is considering different materials: leather could arrive soon. Miche has also been talking about taking on different fashion designers to manufacture Shells. Someone dropped the name ‘Vera Wang.’ They are also getting edgy with the designs for the New York market.

LIWSE: Do you do fundraisers?

Kathleen: Yes, I donate 50 percent of my profits, and the hostess can donate her rewards as well.

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